Summer Music Trends!

– Jonathan Van Loggerenberg

When it comes to music I guess everyone’s got their own acquired taste. But, listen here, I’ve got something for the pop, electronic and alternative lovers. Cause let’s face it, if you’re along the lines of a hipster you should be listening to this right about now. ‘So if you can’t stop,” “live for the applause” or love to “roar” I’ve got you covered!

The naked and The Famous released their latest album titled “Hearts like ours,” out September 16. “Hearts like ours” is out out right now (video below) and is a definite track to listen to! The Naked and The Famous originate from New Zealand and their previous album (Passive Me, Aggressive You) had chart toppers like Young Blood earlier in 2010.

Another cool album already out is from, Woodkid titled: “The Golden Age.” Woodkid, (Yoann Lemoine) is a former music director, and is now out with his debut album. He’s worked with clients like Lana Del Rey and Katy Perry. This album is a perfect, cinematic soundscape which will take you on a journey. Watch the music video from Woodkid “I love you.” It’s very cool!

A favorite amongst many is the latest offering from “One Republic” titled “Native”. With songs like “Counting stars”, “If I lose myself” and “Feel again” will have you jamming this summer.


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