This year, the popular RAGE FESTIVAL turns 10 which can mean only one thing: the biggest year-end celebration, major international and local artists, world-class production and the greatest two weeks of your life, all jam-packed into one Passport.

Rage passports have already started moving through pre-sale and we are still months away from the two-week party, proving that after 10 years the RAGE FESTIVAL is the still the most anticipated party and lifestyle event of the year for young adults.

With the launch of a fresh and exciting new look and the most innovative way of celebrating a year of hard work, G&G Productions has unleashed RAGE FESTIVAL 2014 to all prospective passport holders to celebrate this 10-year milestone. As the festival evolved from its early beginnings with a mere two hundred ‘Ragers’ attending, to the tens of thousands who attended in 2013. It is clear that the RAGE FESTIVAL is here to stay and sure to bring a 2014 experience like no other.

“So much has changed over the past 10 years. It would be amazing to bring the Matrics of 2004 back to the festival today and let them conclude the evolution of the RAGE FESTIVAL,” says Will Mcintyre, director of the RAGE FESTIVAL at G&G Productions. “Staying current and on-trend when it comes to South Africa’s youth market and the ever-changing world we live in has been an exciting challenge for us. We are excited to change with the tide and deliver more to the market at RAGE FESTIVAL 2014. Watch this space!”

Ballito witnessed the sheer magnitude of the introduction of the Sound Factory in 2013, which featured top international DJ’s Danny Avila, Borgore, R3hab, Madeon and many more at a venue that began part of G&G Productions’ evolution of the RAGE FESTIVAL. This year will see even more exciting, groundbreaking features and set 2014 as the best RAGE experience yet.

Last week, over 4,000 prospective Ragers pre-registered for their official RAGE FESTIVAL 2014 Passport within the first three hours of it opening. South Africa’s youth are already gearing up for the biggest party of their lives.

#BreakFree from the norm and grab your RAGE FESTIVAL Passports now –available exclusively on www.ragefestival.co.za.

Official Website:  http://www.ragefestival.co.za/

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/ragefestivalsa

Twitter: @GGRage

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