Changing the world: 1:Face Watches bring hope with style!

Fashion is not just fashion anymore. International and local company, 1:Face Watch is proving this by demonstrating what the power of fashion can really do!  

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“This project began its life at Mirza Minds, a product and branding firm in Chicago. The watch brand was originally the vision of Creative Director, Fam Mirza. Having experienced both the hardships of the 3rd world and the comfort of the 1st, Fam desired to create something that could bridge that gap and ultimately make the world abetter place.

The vision was not just to create a product, but to also start a movement that would bring change to a world that so desperately needs it. While many of us live comfortable lives, almost half the world survives on less than $2.50 a day. There are people facing real problems – poverty, cancer, aids and lack of shelter, or clean water. Each of us can make an impact.”

The Movement into South Africa. 1: Face Watch South Africa

In a young democracy like South Africa’s, there are daily reminders portraying the hardships and adversities of millions of less fortunate South Africans. Through this dominant factor, we have decided to take this matterinto our own hands and introduce a product that involves giving back to disadvantaged communities in a simplistic & stylish way.

When buying a 1 Face Watch you’re not just buying a fashionable timepiece, your helping out. Linked to charities such as: The Pink Drive, Generation Earth, Tomorrow Trust, Topsy Foundation and most recently The Lunchbox Fund when buying a 1:Face watch, you can be assured your donating money to charities in need!

1:Face Watches were launched in November 2013 and have since sold 500 units and provided the relative charities with over R22 000 just on online sales! As South Africans, we can make the difference to change the World! 1:Face Watches are currently looking for stockists and boutiques to sell their products in, but currently you can get these little lifesavers at the following spots:

Current Stockists:

Rosebank: Supremebeing

Hyde Park: AYK

44 Stanley: AYK

Morningside: Rene Mariane

The Glen: Dapper Street Wear

Up-Coming Stockists June:

Castelo: Bedford Centre

Castelo: Sandton City

Castelo: Melrose Arch











If you want to know more about 1 Face watch, their full range and more about how you can help out: visit their social media links here!


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