Raise your hair game with Keune Man hair products!

1212_Keune_ColorMan_03_98141DEF copy 2_905As Men’s hair trends are evolving every season, men are demanding more creative looks, yet haircare brands are struggling to keep up with the demand and trends that men are looking for. Today on GoTrendSA we’ve found the solution to your dull, lifeless hair and found an epic way to bring it to keep it trending with the luxury of Keune Man!

With a lifestyle fuelled by fashion trends and hair that turns heads, it’s getting harder to keep up with whats cool these days. Hair is a tricky topic by itself, there’s no real set guide to what’s “in” (especially for men) but there is a great set of products to keep it looking as healthy and keep whatever style you do own, looking great! Keune Man has survived the test of time since the early years of 1922, the Keune family has been creating products that surpass hair technology and ensure the best quality for your money!

Keune Man (now in South Africa!) hosts a fantastic range of hair products for men. There’s two types of shampoos – hydrate and combat, hydrate does just that, adds amazing moisture and shine to your hair, while combat is like a swiss army knife in a bottle, it combats excessive oils in the hair and scalp while combating the build up of dandruff with added benefits of dandruff prevention in the future.

That’s just the cherry on the cake, Keune man specialises in their incredible selection of mineral creams and gels that give you the perfect hairstyle! Now there’s no definite way to tell you about each product (we’ll link to the full range down below) but let us tell you that they do indeed work great, our editor, Kevin tested out the Hydrate Shampoo on his hair with a combination of the magnify high shine cream and the results we’re great! Have a look at the images below for the full look (CLICK TO ENLARGE):

“I used the Hydrate shampoo, which was great! I do a lot of styling and blow-drying on my hair, plus I recently went grey, which was quite a process on my hair. It was super dry and slightly damaged from the bleaching so I definitely needed to add any kind of moisture into my hair immediately, the Keune man Shampoo is a definite must for those who style their hair regularly as it makes your hair super soft and scalp way more hydrated and less itchy!

I also used the magnify high shine from the Keune care line. It’s basically a finishing pomade, that adds a shine boost to your hair. Now admittedly I’ve had some bad experiences in the past with pomade and that’s why I was nervous to try this one out. Although, I loved it and it didn’t make my hair look greasy or too over done like other brands do!”

One thing we do love about this range is the packaging, it’s so sleek and completely interesting to look at. It almost looks like you’re adding a bit of fancy decor to your bathroom and hey, if we can hit two birds with one stone – why not! We also love that they cover all male hair spectrums in terms of product in comparison to other brands who just focus on styling products. Whether you’re looking for lux Shampoo and Conditioner, Styling products or even quality hair dye kits Keune man offers it all with quality infused.

With a wide range of products from Keune, it’s definite that you’ll find the perfect one that will bring the life out of your hair! Remember guys, expressing your hair is so in these days, whether its short or medium, even long Keune men loves all!

For information such as Keune’s full list of products, stockists and even trendy hair inspiration videos, you can visit there site right over here: www.keune.com/za. So, like we mentioned before, if you’re looking to revolutionise the way you do your “do” then you should definitely pick some Keune Man products!

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