Everything you need to know on the most delicious blog out there, Sweet Cheeks!

Screen Shot 2016-08-28 at 14.19.50There’s hot boys, there’s dessert and after that there’s not much more you could want in this world! What we’re saying is it’s everything you’ve been waiting for! Baking is back because of Andrew Dore! ‘Sweet Cheeks’ is the journey of a full-time actuary and part-time baker. Created from the inability to resist all things delicious, Sweet Cheeks combines mouth-watering desserts with, well, men we all wish we could taste too.

With a head baker who’s easy on the eyes and his creations that are definitely on “fleek” we can officially say that this site releases the same amount of hormones (if not more) as one would find when hitting an online sale! Andrew, who was a contestant on The Great South African Bake Off, has taken his passion of baking and put it directly onto the site. Each week he releases a brand new recipe to follow and the simplicity is actually quite amazing. GoTrendSA got the scoop where we got to watch him and the Sweet Cheeks team make a three course dessert tasting – live!

Screen Shot 2016-08-31 at 11.13.07Andrew takes major pride in all his recipes and we can totally see that he’s turned his hobby into something way more than just a weekend bake off. The Sweet Cheeks blog has the touch of Martha Stewart but the hotness of a magic mike show! Which, indeed makes for an epic, most delicious combination.

Aside from the muscles and marvellous desserts, Andrew ensures one thing about his site. That all products must be easily available in the store and of course, ensure that it’s economically friendly for all his readers, which in 2016 is totally essential for all the people starting out. Andrew doesn’t just make any ordinary recipes, so if you’re looking for something that’s going to blow your friends and family away get down to the blog right now!

So, if you’re into chocolate cakes and hot men (not in the order!) Remember to visit the Sweet Cheeks site now (http://www.sweetcheeks.co.za/), and most importantly follow Sweet Cheeks mastermind, Andrew over HERE on Instagram! Ensure you subscribe to his newsletter where you’ll find one easy recipes in your inbox every week!

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