Spice up your Summer with Secco!

We’re all looking for the next big drink this summer and when it comes to refreshing ourselves at a party, with friends or at a luxurious day by the pool, we’ve found that’s something pretty fascinating and exhilarates our taste buds!

“Secco is a blend of specially selected dried fruit and spices which allow you to naturally infuse a drink of your choice. The process by which the fruit has been dried leaves the fruit’s structure open allowing it to naturally infuse your drink with flavour and colour. Simply add one sachet of your favourite Secco to a glass of G&T, cocktail or soft drink and allow to infuse and enjoy.”

We tested out a sachet of the classic “spiced pomegranate” flavoured infusion with an ordinary Gin & Tonic and we love how it instantly spiced up the drink and made it super Instagram worthy! Adding your Secco flavours is super easy and can be added to non-alcoholic drinks too. It makes a great addition to anyone’s summer drink!

Secco is definitely the summer spice up we need for our Gin and Tonic moments and we can’t wait to share it with all our friends! Want in on the action? Head over to YuppieChef and choose from the wide selection of flavours today!

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