Elvis Blue: The GoTrend Interview

South African singer Elvis Blue has become a household name since winning idols, releasing his new album Journey and topping charts. GoTrend asks Elvis a few questions!

Elvis Blue

 GT: Elvis, what has been the most incredible thing about coming so far in the SA music scene?

EB: Being able to have an audience is a magic thing and it is a big privilege. Many excellent musicians make their music behind closed doors. I am very happy and fortunate to be able to have a crowd supporting me along the way.

GT: Elvis, is the music scene in South Africa a hard business to be in?

EB: Yes, Like most industries where there are many people competing for the same things, it can be brutal.

GT: Out of all the tracks on your album “Journey”, which track is your favorite and why?

EB: MMMM… They’re all like little children to me and it would just be wrong to have a favorite, I love them all the same.

GT: Have you ever experienced negative fans, how do you handle the “haters”?

EB: I am can be very “dof” sometimes and often only realize long after a conversation that someone was condescending toward me. I try ignore it and focus on where I want to go.

GT: What is “hot” on your music player at the moment?

EB: LOL! Wrecking Ball by Springsteen.

GT: Can you tell us a little about the first performance you ever did?

EB: Lol… Yes, an epically sucking performance. My first band was called KOMA. We were only 16 years old, we sounded terrible, but we did not really care. It was all about playing our hearts out and hopefully impressing a few girls in the process. I was a very shy character. Really struggled to break out of my shell. I remember very clearly one of the first shows. It was at the school, on a rugby field. It was a big festival with some top acts performing, Wonderboom, Henry 8 and Koos Kombuis. We were lucky enough to be the token school band. We hit the stage and I simply knew I was too scared to even stand. So I sat on a bar stool the entire show, forgot almost all my words and had a pretty good freak out on stage. It must have been hilarious.

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