Lunch on 44th Stanley!



44 Stanley is a great small hide-away in the heart of Braamfontein! Located in a side street, it is almost as if it is a small village. There you will find ‘one of a kind’ clothing stores, a vintage book store, trinkets and of course, restaurants. The restaurants there are beautiful, so it’s a great place to take someone on a date for the first time or as a cute place for a partner (Hint hint boyfriends…).  If you’re a student, try save up for a special occasion but it is a great place to just have coffee or wander around in.

442There’s a Vovo Telo branch (if you’re not acquainted with VovoTelo yet, you better google it) and other unique restaurants.  I had lunch at the Vovo Telo and, as always, it was good. I had the Belgian Hot chocolate (too cute. A chocolate cup on a stick served with a warm cup of milk. Let the chocolate dissolve) whilst my fellow food snob had the Vovochino- an iced coffee. For lunch I had the Beef burger-served with Sweet potato chips (Warning: don’t eat this is you’re not ravenous) and my friend had the basil and pinenut pasta. Everything was overall yummy!  And it’s great for Wits or UJ students since its right around the corner!


By the way, there’s also a small bakery where you can pick up a sweet treat!


44 Stanley Ave

Braamfontein Werf

Johannesburg 2092




Tel: (011) 482 4139





– Chanel Van Der Linde.

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