GoTrend Interviews: Duan Wanty!

GT: Duan, you recently came off season 5 of Tropika Island of Treasure, how was your experience in Jamaica? Also, did you make any friends while on the show?

DW: What an experience. Jamaica is everything you imagine it to be and more, a beautiful exotic place with beautiful people. It is an experience I will never forget, and yes, I made some life-long friends that I will always have, and together we can re-live those experiences.

GT: Entering the SA acting scene is rumoured to be difficult, is this true?

DW: I honestly think it is all about perception. Yes, it is hard, but if you work hard, success will have to come your way eventually, there is no other way. Be humble, be honest with yourself and work HARD.

GT: Apart from acting, blogging and running a business, what other interests and activities do you enjoy?

DW: I find peace in the smaller things we take for granted – there is a lot to be explored in Johannesburg, or in your own hometown, you just have to go out and do them. Be a tourist in your own city ; bike tours through Soweto, picnics at the park, markets and awesome little restaurants waiting to be discovered. I am an adrenaline junkie too, so if it gets my adrenaline pumping, you will find me there.

GT: You run a a movie review site called, what has inspired you to bring reviews to the people in SA?

DW: I enjoy movies as much as the next person, and although there are millions of websites that bring you reviews on movies, I wanted to make it a little bit different. No one wants to read pages and pages of unnecessary information about movies, they want to know if it is worth it spending their money on it, is it good or bad and maybe just a comment or two on the actors. I see myself as the voice of the public, and not as a movie-critic.

GT: What is “Hot” on your music player at the moment?

DW: The Paper Kites. Check them out, it’s an Australian Folk band and they have some really awesome stuff.

GT: Do you have any advice for the students wanting to get into the acting industry, what are the most important attributes for being successful in the industry?

DW: If you want to get into the acting industry – do it as quick as possible. It is always a good idea to study or do a course – this is where you will learn the basics, but the sooner you get into the industry and get practical experience, the better. You have to be willing to take criticism, learn to deal with rejection and always give 150%, there will always be someone better, someone who wants it more than you, someone that works harder, so you have to be the best with no doubt in your mind. All of that said, stay humble.

GT: What actor or actress has inspired you the most and why?

DW: Ryan Gosling is my favourite actor, he is intelligent, I admire the way he takes every single character he has ever played and makes it unique. He is also versatile, which is one of the hardest things to do. I aspire to be like him.

GT: In your career, what are your most and least favourite things to do?

DW: The most favourite thing I love about my career is that it is never the same, things are always changing. I do not like routine, so that really fits in with life quite well. Least favourite thing to do – nothing, if there was, I would never have done it.

GT: What are your plans for the near future?

DW: Working harder than I do today and having more experience than I have today. Tomorrow is always another day to try and take over the world. At the moment I am really branching out in my career and I promise myself and everybody that they will definitely see more of me on their televisions soon.

GT: This is a total cliché, but we want to know, what is your life’s motto?

DW: Cliché or not, they are awesome. Mine is: Live, Love, Laugh and Leave a Legacy.

Photography by: Rikki Hibbert (

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