Interviewed: Skylight Band + All the info on their epic album launch!

On Wednesday 22nd of January, South African Band: Skylight released their new album at music hotspot, Tanz Cafe. The night was filled with excitement as the bands official album has been years in the making! With popular SA artist Connell Cruise as MC, the night was one to remember!

During the night opening performances were done by Michael Lowman and Justin Serrao. We got to have a chat with Band members Greg, Peter, Wesley and Brad about the journey they’ve taken to reach the success of their first album.

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Connell Cruise

1) Where did the name Skylight come from? 

Greg:  We wanted a name that captured what we wanted to do with the music.

Peter: Without being cheesy…for us the name means something that lets the light in.

Wesley: We bring light into the darkness with our music and message.

Brad: We have a message in our music about hope that we want to get out there. So we chose the name Skylight as it has the ability to let light into dark places.

2) How did the formation of the band take place?

Greg: Brad and I were friends for a while before meeting Pete at a Christmas carols event. We all loved the vibe and decided to start jamming. It worked so well that we started a band! After writing a few songs it was time to record an album, and that’s where we met Wesley. He was one of the sound engneers. We all got along really well, so we invited him to a practice and we all knew that it was a good fit.

Peter: Greg, Brad and myself met back in 2009 and started playing together. We had a great chemistry and decided to form a band. We met Wes when we were in studio. He was one the engineers working on the project.

Wesley: I joined the band mid-way through the recording process. Greg, Brad and Pete came into Openroom productions where I engineered their (our) album. I really enjoyed the music, and when they invited me to a rehearsal, I was definitely keen. We clicked, and now they’re all my best friends!

Brad: The trio (Greg, Pete and myself) formed playing at Christmas carols event. We met Wes in studio recording our album, he was one of the engineers working there.

3) Your new album, “Made for more” was just released, out of the whole album which is your favourite track and why?

Greg: Always Enough. The line “Love is always enough” is a bold statement that we stand by. It’s the heart of Skylight.

Peter: I actually have 2 favourites. “Always Enough” – It really sums up the heart of music. My second is “Give it up” – I love the groove of the song

Wesley: At the moment I’m enjoying ‘Born To Love You’ which coincidently is also our second single off the album. It’s a great summer song, and I love playing it live.

Brad: Always Enough, It has a strong message of hope in it and the ability to make a difference.

4) Experiencing Skylight is amazing, because the band gives off such a positive vibe, what does the band as a whole want to accomplish in today’s unique world?

Greg: We want people to keep dreaming. Things can change for the better, and we all have a part to play.

Peter: We really believe in the power of doing small things with great love. Our aim is to inspire others to make a positive contribution in the world around them. “I am only one, but we are more!”

Wesley: These days people live such fast paced lives – barely making it from one day to the next. We want to help them to discover that they’re made for more than the daily grind…there’s so much more purpose to life! Our song ‘Always Enough’ really captures the heart of the band so well…we live by our message and we want our listeners to as well.

Brad: We would love to get our music out everywhere and to have everyone listening to the message in it.

5) Who would you like to collaborate with in the near future?  

Greg: Micassa

Wesley: I honestly can’t make up my mind…I just love making music, no matter who it’s with.

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Wesley, Greg and Peter

6) Looking back, would you have done anything differently?

Greg: I would’ve started going for singing lessons a long time ago.

Wesley: I think we’ve walked this road the way a have for a reason…I wouldn’t have it any other way.

Peter: Nope. Everything happens for a reason and that is what brought us to where we are today. We have learned from our past successes and failures.

Brad: No, it has been a journey and we have lived it! You can hear it in the album. The songs are real and relevant.

7) If any students were looking into getting into the music business what advice would you give them, especially with it being so difficult in South Africa.

Greg: Build a strong team. Be as passionate as possible. Keep getting better at your craft. Be open to learning from whoever you can. Write amazing songs. Go go go and get out there! Perfection is a myth.

Peter: Practice, practice, practice. I really think it is hugely important to master your craft as a musician before you dive into the music business. There are opportunities out there but you definitely need to stand out.

Wesley: Being a full time musician can be a rough’s an industry that requires a lot of talent, drive and passion to achieve success. Do it for the love – the reward of being able to play music together for people is amazing, and I look forward to every gig.

Brad: Work hard!! Practice, go for lessons, get better and better. The music industry is a tough one but the harder you work will take you one step closer to making it. Stay humble! Never be that guy who thinks he is the best, there will always be someone better than you. Enjoy what you are doing and live it!

Skylight Band: Brad, Drummer.
Skylight Band: Brad, Drummer.

8) So what plans have you got for 2014?

Greg: We want to play as much as possible to lots and lots of people. The more people that get to hear our music the better.

Wesley: With our album just launched and getting really positive reviews, I’m excited to get out there and play more and hopefully promote the album around the country.

Brad: Lots of gigging. It is time to get this album out there!!!

9) Lastly, (We always ask this question!) What is your motto to live life by?

Greg: Love God. Love people.

Peter: small things with great love!

Wesley: ‘Love is always enough’


We caught this clip from the launch of Skylight’s new album: “Made for more” Check it out!


With Skylight’s launch being this successful, we can’t wait for their songs to hit the radio! Don’t forget to catch them on Facebook & Twitter! And, buy “made for more” at any leading music store!

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