Interviewed: Mr SA Contestant – Clive Maistry!

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It’s that time of the year again, voting lines are open for you to choose your next Mr South Africa! GoTrend chats with Mr SA contestant, Clive Maistry on life, leisure and what it takes to be the next Mr South Africa!

GT: Clive, briefly tell us about yourself!

CM: Clive Maistry is a recognised brand and personality in the media industry. With his experience (over 10 years) in the industry and his vast array of talents, such as presenting, acting, Voice Over, Radio DJ’ing and MC’ing, aside from a whole host of other things – he adds to the industry a breath of fresh air as he is still hungry for success, as he continues to inspire, create and innovate with his media business CliveMaistryDotCom.

I am also currently in the driving seat for the Mr South Africa title this year !

GT: How did the idea to enter Mr SA start?

CM: The idea to enter Mr South Africa has always been there! It’s something that I have always wanted to do! I do consider myself as a unique role model to South Africans both young and old, and I believe this would be an amazing platform for positive change.

GT: What skills can you bring to the community around you if you win the title of Mr South Africa?

CM: Perhaps more an awareness than a skill… I’d instil in individuals a sense of community as well as getting behind local causes, ones that really need the support. Such as schools, animal shelters and rescue homes. Also teaching or rather passing on my own experience through workshops perhaps or visiting schools. I believe that it is really important for the youth of today to have goals – and If I can inspire just one person – I know I would have made a difference.

GT: What are the most important qualities that the Mr SA title holder needs?

CM: I think Humility is high up there on that list – together with Self-respect and Approachability.

GT: What celebrity do you think you could have a lot in common with?

CM: I don’t think I could compare myself to another celebrity as we all have our own “crazy” personalities – It’s what makes the South African entertainment industry so unique and diverse at the same time. But I get along with most of the Celeb crowd! Some of my besties include Zakeeya Patel, Damon Beard and Elana Afrika.

GT: What do you like to do in your spare time?

CM: In my spare time, when I have that, (laughs to self) I enjoy spending time with loved ones, playing with my dog Bela, as she get’s very little attention as I’m hardly home, and just spending time with great friends and catching up over vino or coffee …

GT: What is your definition of success?

CM: My definition of success – is being proud of yourself, your own efforts, your own talents. Looking back at your journey and thinking, “My Gosh, I did this!”

There’s a point where you need to pinch yourself to see if this is real or just a dream! I can tell you that I have had a few of those moments, where I feel truly blessed for everything in my life!

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Image by: Desired Spirit

GT: Where could you see yourself going in five years time?

CM: In 5 Years – I see my media business CMDC well up there in the same league as some of the bigger role players, that I myself look up to and would love to aspire too.

Also having the title of MR South Africa 2014 under my belt and making an incredible difference wherever I can.

GT: Who is the most influential person in your life at the moment?

CM: The most influential person in my life right now, I would say my Mom! She has shown me so much and has stuck by my career through thick and thin and will forever be my inspiration to want more for myself as a person and continue to strive for the best in life!

GT: To end off, we always like to ask, what’s a motto or saying that you live by?

CM: My motto for life is “Fortune Favours The Brave” and those words ring so true to me! It’s gotten me this far in my career and in my personal life. I believe in it so much so, that I had it tattooed… Just keep striving for the best always and remember what you put in, is what you get out … The message I want to send out to South Africans everywhere is “So Can You!


So, don’t forget to vote for Clive! SMS: “MRSA 017” to 47439 (sms costs R3.00) – Like and Follow Clive Maistry on Facebook and Twitter!


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