GoTrend Maverick Series: Interviewed – Sandy Nene!

Okay, we’re officially excited for this Monday! Our third chapter for the GoTrend Maverick series is here, and we chat to none other than blogging extraordinaire, Sandy Nene! Creator of the “We Blog for Love” blog, Sandy has developed an online empire, all while teaching other South Africans to start their own blogs and help them develop their blogging skills. Keep reading for the juicy info that Sandy has to share.

BeFunky_DSC_0658.jpgGoTrend: Sandy, we literally see you everywhere on the interwebs and at social events, but for those who don’t know you, introduce yourself!

SN: I’m Sandile Nene, I am a 21 year old Durbanite who’s life revolves around the net. I’m a fashion and lifestyle blogger and founder of South Africa’s very first blogging community. I write for various online publications and have recently been given an opportunity to go on print. I am a certified Hootsuite professional and I work in the digital advertising industry.

GoTrend: We’re obsessed with your outfits, where do you find your inspiration for your combinations and clothing pieces?

SN: Wow, thanks. Actually, I didn’t start off as a fashion blogger, my blog focused on celebrity interviews and entertainment content. After receiving compliments about how I dress up, I then thought of doing outfit posts and sharing my love for fashion. I am inspired by local fashion bloggers; Sandiso Ngubane, Mahlatse James, Jerri Mokgofe and Trevor Stuurman. When I have no idea on what to wear or just want to keep up with the latest trends, I visit their blogs.

GoTrend: We see you created the “We Blog for Love” (South African Bloggers) project, tell us a little more about that and how it all started?

SN: When I started blogging, I faced so many difficulties, I knew absolutely nothing. I had to teach myself everything and that wasn’t easy at all. I then discovered IFB (Independent Fashion Bloggers and was inspired to start something a little bit similar for other South African Bloggers, where we share what we’ve learned and for other bloggers to discover bloggers of same interest.

GoTrend: What do you do when you’ve got some free time on your hands?

SN: I go shopping, I blog as often as I can, I read a few international blogs or simply go out to party with my friends.

GoTrend: If someone had to ask you some tips on running a successful blog, What would they be?

SN: Don’t do it for the free stuff, do it for love. Don’t copy what’s been done before. Always try to be yourself, all the time and don’t have too much pride to ask for help if you need any.


GoTrend: What do you find inspiring when it comes to new content?

SN: New readers. My blog has gained a larger audience since I’ve introduced fashion content. That helped so I try by all means to focus on that as often as I can.

GoTrend: How do you find the time to juggle your work, social life and spectacular online empire?

SN: When you love something, you always have time for it. My job allows me to blog whenever I am free, so most of the time, during my lunch break, you’ll find me putting together a quick blog post.

GoTrend: What’s the future looking like for you Sandy?

SN: I am looking forward to doing my own thing, by this I mean, being my own boss. I am excited about all that I’ve planned and taking blogging in South Africa to the next level.

GoTrend: To end off, what’s a favourite quote or motto of yours?

SN: “Believe in yourself and you’ll be amazed at how well you will perform”

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