Summer shade trends with Moscon Optics!

Zakeeya wearing Eyewear from Levis, Chloe and Diesel!

It really doesn’t take a rocket scientist to figure out that Summer is right around the corner, and to get a kickstart on it we’re bringing you some essential fashion advice straight from the source! PR wonder woman for optics brand, Moscon and fashion guru Lisa-Marie Johnstone brings us the low down on Sunnies and more importantly what to choose when it comes to the shape of your face! Modelling some sexy sunnies from eyewear brands Chloe, Diesel, Adidas and Levis we have Presenter, Actor and strictly come dancing winner, Zakeeya Patel along with GoTrend Editor, presenter and Moscon ambassador, Kevin McLennan!

Lisa explains that before you decide on just any pair of eyewear you have to start with the basics! In choosing eyewear, there are two important factors to take note of:

  1. Skin tone – a person’s complexion
  2. Face shape

How to distinguish between a Yellow and Blue Skin Tone

Kevin wearing Diesel Eyewear (Image one and two) , Adidas (Image 3) and Levis Eyewear (Image 4).

One either has a blue skin tone or a yellow skin tone. To determine what your skin tone is, it is generally evident in the choice of your wardrobe. Usually, only people with a yellow skin tone have clothes in yellow, orange and lots of pastels. A person with a blue skin tone, when wearing yellow, generally looks jaundiced after five minutes. Therefore, when choosing eyewear, it is extremely important to choose the correct colour. For a blue tone, black and other dark shades work best. Whereas with a yellow skin tone, go for something in tortoise shell. If you look at Zakeeya closely, you’ll see she has a yellow skin tone, while Kevin fits in more with the blue.





The Different Types of Face Shapes

Chloe Eyewear for an Oval shaped face.


A simple method in finding the perfect pair of sunglasses is to remember the word ‘balance’ – then strive to achieve it: The easiest face to fit a frame is an oval shape. People with oval faces can pull of any pair of sunglasses aka the sunglass face (not fair)!




Diesel Eyewear for a heart shaped face.

If a face is top-heavy, i.e. a very heavy forehead, and the bottom part of their face is very narrow, try and balance this with your frame. It would be best to opt for something with a slight cat-eye. Stay away from oversized sunnies! The detail around the frame adds that extra glam to these Diesels.





Web Eyewear for a square shaped face.

To soften a square face or heavy jaw line, opt for something round or oval. Not a lot of people can make round sunglasses work, so rock it. WEB Eyewear is known for its distinct shapes and colours.





CK Eyewear for a round shaped face.

Someone with a round face should try and wear a fairly square frame to balance this out and elongate the face. These from CK eyewear would be the perfect choice!

Remember to choose wisely on your next pair of sunnies! To get all the Eyewear mentioned above and much more, visit the Moscon Optics site HERE to see a full range of brands such as Diesel, Chloe, Levis and more!


PS: If you want to get more insight from Lisa at Moscon Optics you can tweet her @LisaMariej89 for more tips and for any queries!




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