Drink and Dream: Sleep tight with the newest GoodNight Drink!

Goodnight post 2Tick Tock the clock goes and you’re still calculating how many hours of sleep left… If only you could fall into dreamland without counting sheep. Finally, a revolutionary new product that has just hit the SA market is here and we know you’d love to sleep with it! GoodNight launches their official relaxation drink, the first of its kind in the South Africa, we’ve got the exclusive on it below!

“Good Night is a carbonated soft drink made with pure Austrian alps spring water mixed with natural herbs traditionally used to help relieve feelings of stress and to encourage peaceful sleep. It is specially developed to support relaxation of body and mind. Contains no preservatives, artificial colours and intense sweeteners.”

Photo 2015-05-19, 23 42 11Simply crack open your can of goodnight, drink up its deliciousness at least 45 Minutes before bed time and say hello to dreamland! GoodNight Drink is perfect for anyone who struggles to sleep, is dealing with mild anxiety or even just for the reassurance of a great night of relaxation with no risky side effects of harsh medication!

You can pick up your can of GoodNight at leading SPAR stores now, don’t forget to drink an dream!

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