How to become a star on Instagram

Who doesn’t love Instagram?

We’re all guilty of poring over the perfect picture, finding the perfect filter and the the perfect hashtags to add on before we share it with the world.

Having recently announced the 400 million mark, Instagram is one of the most exciting and fast-growing social media networks in the world. Here are some tips from ALCATEL ONETOUCH about how you can make the most of this social network and become a star in its expanding community. 


Use hashtags 

Overuse of hashtags may annoy people on other social networks, but they aren’t a problem for most Instagram users.  If you use the right hashtags, you will get a lot more likes for your pics. Choose words that will make your content searchable and discoverable, for example #capetown #tablemountain #scenery when you’re posting a pic from Table Mountain.


Link to your social media accounts

Be sure to link your Instagram profile to your pages on Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr, and so on. Also, share your images on your other social media accounts so that people who aren’t following you on Instagram can see them. 


Be part of the community

If you like, comment on, and follow other Instagram users, many of them will reciprocate. Instagram is a community – so get out there and socialise with your fellow photography fans.


Post often consistently

Try to post at least every day or two. This will help generate interest as your posts pop up on your followers’ feeds.


Smarten your pics up

Crop your pics, spend some time correcting lighting, saturation, contrast etc. and use the right filters to get your image looking its best.


Geotag your pictures

Use geotagging to help other users’ find your pics. If you are at a good restaurant, for example, you can snap a pic of your attractively presented starter and tag the restaurant when you share it.

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