COMFY LUXE: Letting loose with Flossy South Africa!

Screen Shot 2016-04-26 at 11.49.37We’re always on the search for fashion and style, most of the time though this means sacrificing one of the most important elements in what fashion is really supposed to be about and that’s comfort. Today on GoTrendSA we talk about the new craze hitting South Africa, Flossy Shoes and their shoes that are changing the way we view fashion!

Flossy is an Ibiza born, European bred footwear brand immersed in over 30 years of cultural history. Flossy first originated in the Rioja region of Spain, where each pair is still lovingly handmade to this day. Thankfully Flossy is now in SA and we have the chance to finally get our hands on some of the most in demand shoes!

“Originally worn by bohemians, street artists and sailing enthusiasts of Barcelona and the Bealeric Islands, popularity grew rapidly when Flossy gained fame as a staple in Ibiza’s party scene. Following fans back to the UK as a must-have fashion essential, Flossy continues to grow into numerous international markets, and can now be found in cities in America, Japan, Great Britain, China, Taiwan, South Africa, Nigeria, Turkey, Spain, Philippines, Russia, Greece and more.”

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Now split into four styles, Flossy features classics, fresh quirky prints, luxurious new fabrics and finishing touches that are sure to provide a Flossy for any personal style. Choosing your Flossy’s from such a wide range gives you the ability to pair them for any fashion situation you may be in!

Worn by the likes of Victoria Beckham and the cast of the ever popular show, Geordie Shore, Not to mention Duchess Kate Middleton. Flossy’s really can fit anyones style whether you’re a catwalk queen or beach bum and if it’s good enough for royalty than it’s definitely good enough for you!

Screen Shot 2016-04-26 at 12.17.06We got our hands on a pair of Flossy San Javier Navy shoes and we were immediately greeted with the incredible quality texture used on the shoe and the 100% real Italian leather finishes that elevated the slip on shoe to a whole new level! Surprisingly it was super light and the soles really kept their grip on the ground which a lot shoes don’t have in modern times especially if you’re trying to make a shoe lighter, manufacturers seem to skimp on the quality of the soles.

Flossy lets you shop online in a way that isn’t daunting. Sometimes when ordering shoes you can be a little hesitant because sizing information isn’t that clear. Sizing information is available online and they even show you how to measure your foot for the perfect fit! What’s great is you can always return them within 14 days if your size isn’t the right one. (We LOVE!)

Flossy is truly a refreshing touch to footware and with many colours available for males and females (even kids too!) there’s tons of Flossy to go around! Pick and choose and style your flossy’s, dress them up or down it’s all up to you! For the full scoop on Flossy head over to their website ( for everything you need to know.

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