Exploring the revolution of aesthetics in South Africa with Dr Reza Mia!

Dr Reza Mia

Aesthetic treatments have become so popular in todays world that whether you’re young or old, male or female there’s no more shame in wanting to look a little better. Today on GoTrendSA we chat to one of the most established aesthetic practitioners here in South Africa and beyond, Dr Reza Mia!

From working with popular plastic surgeon and aesthetic guru Dr Robert Rey from hit show Dr 90210 to starting up his own practice in the flourishing area of Sandton. Dr Mia really knows whats up when it comes to the latest in aesthetic medicine and that’s why we’re bringing you everything you need to know about the rise of aesthetics in South Africa!

The world of aesthetics is ever changing and making sure you stay at top of your game isn’t just in the best interests of your own medical practice, but it’s also vital to ensure your patients get the best out of their money too. “I like to make sure that I attend as many seminars and courses as possible, the more you learn about your field, the better you can help your patients achieve their goals in the most professional and pleasing way possible.” Says Dr Mia.

“No two faces are exactly the same, so why should the way we work on our patients be tailored to one specific method of treatment, if you practice aesthetic medicine it’s important to ensure that you always have updated knowledge and professional intuition to ensure your patients are getting the treatment that’s the most effective for their concerns and goals.”

When thinking back on procedures such as Botox and fillers we all have the lady in the back of our mind who scares us to the core because of her excessive use of the treatments. She can’t smile, move her forehead or show any kind of emotion. That’s definitely not the look we want! Dr Mia ensures us though that this is, indeed, just a big stereotype when it comes to Medicine.

It’s all about making sure that you don’t do too much too fast. “A lot of people walk in to medical centres wanting that Kylie Jenner look instantly, but regret it once it’s completed, as the change is so dramatic and unnatural.” Dr Mia suggests that you rather build up over time and over multiple sessions, that way you (and your body) can become comfortable with your changing look and you’ll also have the advantage of keeping your look natural while progressing. It also gives you the control over your transformation and amount of treatments you receive. Dr Mia mentions that If you take the necessary steps to evaluate your transformation, there’s absolutely no reason whatsoever to worry about looking “too overdone.”

(Instagram.com/TamaraDey) - "Feeling healthy, being filled with vitality and always having a fresh youthful glow are essential for my brand as a performing artist, with @drrezamia 's Revive IV Infusions I can always tick those boxes "
(Instagram.com/TamaraDey) – “Feeling healthy, being filled with vitality and always having a fresh youthful glow are essential for my brand as a performing artist, with @drrezamia ‘s Revive IV Infusions I can always tick those boxes “

South African celebs swear by Dr Mia and we can see why. Glowing faces and energetic lifestyles do need that little boost from time to time and iconic figures like Shashi Naidoo, Tamara Dey and Gina Myers all stick with the best man for the Job. Not to mention while having busy days at work, travelling for seminars and ensuring he’s in peak condition – Dr Mia is rising to the top of the social scene! If he’s not in the office he’s out and about at events and that’s only one part of the job. By working with the stars it only proves to us how much trust is put into his hands and how loved he is by the SA community!

You shouldn’t feel bad about wanting to change or tweak something about yourself, it’s not a reason to feel upset or intimidated about. Ladies and Men all around the world are starting to use the incredible technologies of Aesthetic Medicine to help themselves enjoy various outcomes that they want for themselves. Whether you’re looking to improve the appearance and health of your skin, decrease some lines or just simply enhance some features, the use of Aesthetic medicine is the best as it gives you access to more cost effective measures and less invasive methods rather than opting for harsher and much more expensive procedures like plastic surgery!

There’s always a work around for common problems like “turkey neck” or other prevalent issues that happen to patients as they get older or even if they just feel insecure about it. “You don’t always have to jump to the most extreme procedure to get the desired results, sometimes the answer to your problem is just the simplest thing.” Dr Mia explains.

We’re absolutely convinced that aesthetic treatments are the way to go, especially when there’s incredible and insightful Doctors practicing like Dr Mia. If you want all the details on the treatments and procedures that Dr Mia and his trained staff offer, visit his interactive site down below and ensure that your drop by his offices for a consultation where he’ll explain anything you need to know about the treatments he offers! Dr Reza Mia is located in Killarney and is available from Monday-Saturday.  Visit Dr Reza Mia – HERE.

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