Ten at 10: We interview GoodLuck!

Screen Shot 2016-07-19 at 17.01.57Today we’re feeling lucky, that’s because we’ve got one of South Africa’s most prestigious bands on GoTrendSA today, that’s right – it’s GoodLuck! You’ve heard Taking it easy, you’ve definitely heard their new jam Thinking about you and you’re about to see a whole lot more when you get the scoop right now on todays Ten at 10!

“GoodLuck is South Africa’s most exciting live electronic band, challenging audiences from around the world to take interest in a modern sound that is being hailed as truly African with the ability to cross over to an international electronic pop audience. Their music is an irresistible blend of electronica, pop and subtle influences of jazz. GoodLuck creates a sound that is thoroughly their own and they have been taking this sound to audiences across Europe, Africa and the UK over the past 3 years.”

GoTrendSA: Hey there Goodluck, Thank you so much for joining us on GoTrendSA! Tell us a little more about yourself?

GoodLuck: Hello there 🙂 Thank you for having us! We are a live electronic band from Cape Town, and we are most famous for mixing live instruments with dance music which we have been touring around South Africa and the world since 2011. There are 3 of us in GoodLuck, Ben who is our producer, electronic percussionist and general guru, Matthew who plays saxophone and keys and myself (Jules), I sing and play the fool.

GoTrendSA: From your biggest hits like “taking it easy” to your newest tracks like “Thinking about you” where does the inspiration come from for these amazing hits?

GoodLuck: Well firstly, thank you for calling them ‘amazing’, we pour a lot of love, heart and soul into our music and its always nice when people notice! We have been ‘lucky’ enough to have have 14 songs charting on SA radio since we started out and 7 of those have gone on to hit #1 on the charts… and to be honest we still have no idea how that has all happened. We don’t really know what we have been doing to deserve it, but I can tell you we work extremely hard and we set very high production and song writing standards for ourselves. We are very inspired by Nature (and all of its wondrous beauty), people and their complexities and travel and adventures… All of our songs are very real and I think in many ways its because of this that they are interpreted differently by every single person.

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GoTrendSA: Your success as a local band has become so grand scale! Did you ever think you’d achieve the kind of fame you have so far in the industry?

GoodLuck: Honestly, I think we had very big dreams when we started this band and while we have achieved some amazing successes, we are only just getting started on our bucket list… there are still many adventures we want to have, places we want to see and so much music we want to make. As long as we are having fun though… that is more important than selling out any arena or winning any award.

GoTrendSA: In the music industry there’s a lot of pressure, no doubt. What do you do to keep yourself healthy and grounded in order for you to be at a good balance between life and work?

GoodLuck: We love the outdoors. We all enjoy mountain biking. Ben and Jules love to surf and Matthew loves driving fast cars and Harley’s around. We try and make as much time for family and friends when we are at home, because that part of life can easily take a backseat in a lot of musician’s lives… not in ours though.

GoTrendSA: In your profession, what are the best and worst parts of doing what you do?

GoodLuck: Best parts are seeing how your music has inspired someone or changed their lives in some way, and seeing an audience experiencing the music live with you in what often can be an almost spiritual experience! Worst part is being away from loved ones for long periods of time and missing out on some important mile stones. There is a lot of sacrifice in music.

GoTrendSA: There’s a lot of musicians in South Africa who’d kill to be in your position right now! Do you have any advice to aspiring musicians out there?

GoodLuck: Totally! Collaborate – find people who are good at the things you are not good at and get them inspired by your vision. Empower your team… A collective is always so much stronger than an individual. Try and have as much fun as you can, and while you need to know your stuff so that you don’t get suckered into any form of scary contract that will hurt you in the long run, try not to take yourself too seriously. Make music from your heart.

Screen Shot 2016-07-19 at 16.59.57GoTrendSA: Guys, where can we find you on Social media?

GoodLuck: We are @goodlucklive on pretty much everything! Instagram, Facebook, Twitter and my new favourite SNAPCHAT! 🙂

GoTrendSA: It’s still fairly early in the year, what’s up your sleeve for the rest of 2016, care to give us a little scoop?

GoodLuck: We are busy working on a new album. We are about to jet off to Berlin and Amsterdam for a summer tour where we have gigs as well as some exciting studio days and collars in the pipe-line. We are hoping to have the album finished by September and in usual GoodLuck fashion… The launch is going to be CRAZY! 🙂

GoTrendSA: Our last question is also our most favourite, what would you say to anyone in South Africa looking to break into the media industry? Any tips you could help us out with?

GoodLuck: Media industry? Well media is so broad but I would say that no matter what industry you are in, you have to make good relationships with people. Don’t only think about yourself, try and have empathy and grow solid relationships with people who you would be happy to take into battle any day. Also, don’t compare what you do to anyone else, run your own race and make sure you keep an open and humble heart.

Remember if you want to stay up to date with GoodLuck and all their upcoming performances, you can visit http://goodlucklive.com/ and check out all you need to know, plus find out where to purchase their albums and merch!

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