Hisense makes it all about U with the launch of their brand new ULED TV!

t910_sideThis year has already been such a great one for Hisense in South Africa, as the Chinese manufacturer readies a new range of ULED TVs to add to its current crop of offerings. We sat down at an exclusive Hisense event last week to further discuss the brand new future of television and what’s next for your home with their new 4K ULED TV!

Hisense’s latest 4K ULED TV technology represents the pinnacle of the company’s research and development. Protected by 17 international patents, the latest ULED 2.0 technology enhances colour, contrast, resolution and motion with a combination of advanced hardware and software. Delving deeper into what sets Hisense’s ULED TVs apart, the first area of importance lies with colour. Thanks to the Chinese manufacturer’s own Quantum Dot Technology and wide colour gamut, ULED can easily surpass the colour matching capabilities of any LED panel.

It is not solely colour that is enhanced with ULED technology, blacks are darker and whites are purer with the aid of Ultra Dimming technology, which separates visuals into different areas of the panel (up to 240 independent zones depending on the Hisense model). Added to this is a High Dynamic Range (HDR) that improves the amount of detail in darker scenes, elevating Hisense ULED TVs from competitors’ offerings in terms of brightness.

We also had managed to sit down with Flux Trends owner, Dion Chang to discuss the future of media and how it will be created and consumed in the near future. Dion mentioned that users are turning to the use of video rather than other forms of media for consumption. There’s over 300 hours of YouTube content being uploaded everyday and thats just YouTube, we’re not even talking about other sites and social networks!

Dion pointed out that because consumers have such a high demand for video content, it’s important that we start maximising the content for the ultimate recognition. Hisense has become a very important medium by introducing their very impressive range of ULED Televisions!

To ensure less blur and more action, each ULED TV sports Ultra Smooth Motion Rate (Ultra SMR) technology, which creates and inserts frames into the picture for smoother transitions. The benefit of this is a better viewing experience when it comes to high paced content.

The final element that gives Hisense’s ULED TVs an edge is the standard of clarity it delivers. Their 4K ULED displays sport more than eight million individual pixels to ensure vivid and detailed content. This makes ULED the only way to go for consumers looking for the best platform to enjoy high definition movies or sport.

Thriving in the 45-inch to 50-inch market, Hisense has now turned its attention to high-end panels with the launch of these new Ultra High Definition ULED models. Starting from 55-inches in size and topping out at 70-inches, as well as offering both curved and flat iterations, this latest range from Hisense is designed to take centre stage in the living room.

There are three choices in the 55-inch range, namely the Hisense ULED Curved T910, Curved ULED Smart K760 and Flat ULED Smart M7000. Moving one size up into the 65-inch category, Hisense has the Flat ULED Smart M7000, while rounding off the range is the 70-inch Flat ULED Smart M7000, which is the largest ULED TV Hisense has offered to date.

According to Hisense South Africa’s Television Product Manager, Serena Lee, the latest ULED range is a true reflection of the quality of the company’s television offering. “Hisense worked hard to develop our unique ULED technology, with version 2.0 now found in our latest range of curved and smart 4K televisions. When compared to similar LED offerings, consumers will find a striking difference in ULED’s wider colour gamut and also in the smooth motion rate,” Lee states.

Having achieved the top spot locally in regards to the number of television units sold for the past five months, Hisense aims for the latest range to further cement the company’s standing among South African consumers.

All new ULED offerings from Hisense will be available from major local retailers nationwide as of September 2016. The recommended retail price for the units in the range is as follows:

Model Number Suggested Retail Price
55T910UWD R19 999
55K760 R19 999
55M7000 R14 999
65M7000 R24 999
70M7000 R34 999


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