Everything you need to know about Apple’s new iPhones

iphonex_front_side_flatApple has finally unveiled its new iPhones : iPhone 8, 8 Plus and the one you really want, iPhone X (pronounced iPhone Ten).

Let’s just be honest, everyone is going to want the iPhone X but thanks to its huge pricetag, not everyone is going to be able to afford it (seriously, when did smartphones start costing more than laptops?) and will end up getting either the iPhone 8 or 8 Plus. It’s like when you’re trying to eat healthy and get ready for summer but that pizza just keeps calling your name, you want it but you can’t quite justify getting it.

Here’s everything you need to know about Apple’s best iPhones ever, or at least since last year.

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iPhone 8 / 8 Plus

  • Both the iPhone 8 and 8 Plus retain the same screen sizes as the iPhone 7 and 7 Plus, namely 4.7-inches and 5.5-inches.
  • Both the 8 and 8 Plus have TouchID and a Home button
  • There are only 3 colour options : Silver, Space Gray and Gold
  • Bye bye metal back. All the new iPhones have a glass back (yay for more slippery phones)
  • All 3 new iPhones have wireless charging and fast charging capabilities
  • The 3.5mm headphone jack is gone and it’s not coming back, so you’ll have to either embrace the dongle life or wireless earphones
  • They all have an IP67 rating which means that they’re splash, water and dust resistant
  • The iPhone 8 has a single lens on the back of the phone while the 8 Plus has a dual-camera setup
  • You’ll be able to record 4K video at 60fps
  • iPhone 8 now has OIS
  • All 3 iPhones have True Tone, which adjusts the white balance of the display to match the surrounding light for a more natural, paper-like viewing experience
  • No more 32GB or 128GB. iPhone 8, 8 Plus and X will be available in either 64GB or 256GB storage options


[youtube https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mW6hFttt_KE&w=560&h=315]

iPhone X

  • It has a 5.8-inch display (the largest display on any iPhone) in a body that’s barely larger than the iPhone 8
  • Hello OLED. iPhone X has a Super Retina HD OLED display which means that you’ll be getting better images on the display
  • iPhone X has an HDR display
  • Bye bye TouchID and Home button. You’ll need to get used to FaceID instead.
  • There’s still no 3.5mm headphone jack, and Apple isn’t including AirPods with the iPhone X, you’ll have to use the dongle or lightning headphones included in the box or buy a pair of wireless earphones
  • It has a 12MP dual-camera on the back and Portrait Mode (and Portrait Lightning) built into the front facing TrueDepth camera
  • Did we mention Animojis? The TrueDepth camera can map your face and make your emojis move and speak like you
  • Apple says that the battery on iPhone X will last up to 2 hours longer than the battery on the iPhone 7
  • It’s going to be expensive AF!
Local pricing and availability have not yet been confirmed
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