A lunchtime boost: We try the IV Push Recharge Treatment!

Oh my, it’s only New Year and you’re starting it out feeling flat… What are we to do? Well, today on GoTrend we’re talking about something really amazing, it feels like we’ve tapped into something pretty incredible actually. Imagine feeling at the top of your game with just a 15 minute sit down, it’s actually possible and today we’re introducing you to the magic that makes it happen – IV Push!

“Founded on the principles of wellness through drips, IV PUSH along with its team of medical experts re-invented the traditional IV infusion to bring a range of tailored IV Drips for the South African market. Using internationally recognised treatment guides, formulas designed and tailored in the USA, and product ingredients from the top Pharmaceutical companies, the verdict was immediate! Health conscious customers loved the choice and results offered in our treatments.

IV PUSH’s success in delivering fast, healthy products to its patients is due to its distinctive benefits, quality products and professional friendly staff. We continue our “hands on” involvement with our IV PUSH owners, operators, and staff to ensure our mission of offering fast, effective, and healthy IV Infusions is maintained and continually improved.”

Even Miss Universe Demi-Leigh users IV Push to keep herself going strong!

We tried out the newest IV Push Infusion dubbed “RECHARGE.” After being pretty drained from a rough start to the New Year and pulling a couple all nighters we were – at minimum – over the moon to try this one out! A small, almost lumo yellow bag, was hooked onto the IV Stand followed by a careful administration by Dr Alistair McApline with a pediatric needle (LITERALLY the smallest needle ever) we were hooked up with literally zero pain. Normally the infusion can take anywhere between 15-30 minutes so you’ll be in and out in no time! After the infusion there was an instant change of energy for the better, but we felt the full effect within two hours, when there was absolutely no fatigue unlike before and we also gained a great amount of mental focus to carry on with the day!

Filled with Vitamins B, C and other essentials such as magnesium, selenium and glutathione the Recharge Infusion really has it all to pick you up when you need it most. And, it really is a butt-kicking formula that brought us back to life! “Recovery after extreme physical exertion doesn’t happen overnight and we know you could use all the help you can get. The IV Infusion to help recharge your body after extreme exertion. Perfect to ensure faster recovery times between strenuous exercise and activities.”

Even though we had such a great time with the Recharge Infusion, there are quite a few more options to choose from when deciding what kind of treatment you looking for! ‘First timers’ will always have an initial consultation with a Doctor. This is to check your vitals and address concerns so you benefit the most from your IV. But after that you’re totally free to choose great options like: Skin Lightening IVSuperImmune IV, Glow IV, NeoBoost IV, IV Man Infusion, Pure Energy IV.

If we haven’t convinced you enough of the fabulousness of what IV Push is, then we have to say that it’s time to try it out for yourself! For the full list of treatments and IV Push hotspots you can visit their official website HERE. With its efficiency and immediate effect you’ll be back up and running in absolutely no time, here’s to a totally boosted 2018!

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