Go big and stay home with Samsung’s latest range of QLED Televisions.

Ushering in a new era of intelligent display, Samsung’s 2018 QLED TV is set to change the television landscape completely. The way people consume content via their television has changed over the past few years, with on-demand and streaming becoming the norm. But until now, the challenge of where to place the TV, how to connect it to other devices and what to do with it when it’s off haven’t been addressed.

The new, 5-star rated and award-winning QLED TV offers an unprecedented viewing experience that delivers complete immersion. With a sleek metal frame and myriad options for installation, from No Gap Wall-mount to an array of stylish stands, the QLED features a One Invisible Connection – this combines the AV and power lines along with the cables of peripheral devices, through the One Connect Box. The One Invisible Connection is an innovative first and comes in a standard 5 meter length power cord, which can be extended by a further 15 metres. The cable is transparent so the connections and cables simply disappear.

Justin Hume, Chief Marketing Officer for Samsung South Africa, says, “Of course, the invisible cabling ensures your TV connections aren’t intrusive on your interior style. We have integrated power and data supply in one cable – this is revolutionary. The additional length – up to 20 metres, lets you have a lot of fun with putting the TV in places unique to your particular lifestyle.”

But that’s not the only ‘invisible’ feature of the QLED. Ambient Mode creates a sense of spatial consistency by enabling the TV screen to seamlessly blend with the wall or space behind it. Instead of a black rectangle when its turned off, the TV can be set up to play music, display information like the weather or news headlines, family photographs, a favourite work of art, or simply the wallpaper.

“We’ve categorically solved the conundrum of where to put the TV. On average, TVs are turned on for only five hours a day, yet they occupy a large space on the wall in the living or TV room. This means TVs hang on the wall just as a black screen for more than 19 hours every day. That’s no longer a problem – Ambient Mode allows you to literally make the TV disappear when it’s not in use,” adds Hume.

With the highly advanced quantum dot technology in play, burn-in won’t ever be an issue. Even if a static image is left on the screen for hours on end, there won’t ever be a shadow of that image when you switch over. Even for gamers who use the TV for a weekend of high action, the QLED is perfect and pausing an intricate image on screen won’t leave a shadow behind. In fact, Samsung is the only company in the world that offers a 10-year burn-in warranty. Additionally Ambient Mode is easy on the energy bills – when activated, the screen brightness automatically adjusts according to the viewing environment to minimise power consumption.

With over a billion colours, coupled with backlighting, the image on screen is larger and clearer than life. The QLED runs an anti-blooming algorithm, which identifies bright areas and dims their boundaries to avoid halo effects, making the picture exceptionally crisp and vivid.

For technophobes, the SmartThings app makes everything easier. The SmartThings cloud is the backbone of the connected ecosystem that offers a single platform for creating more valuable and more unified IoT (Internet of Things) experiences – a single touch-point for your connected world.

“We know that the TV isn’t just a TV anymore – it’s a hub – for entertainment, gaming and even conferencing. Samsung Electronics is leading the change by strengthening the intelligent function of its 2018 QLED TVs with artificial intelligence and the Internet of Things,” says Hume.

Connectivity has also never been easier – with people in mind and that way in which content is consumed, the ease of connecting to a favourite on-demand service, the internet or even for online gaming is enhanced.

Top fives reasons why we love the Samsung QLED Televisions

  • The Ambient Mode is one amazing way to display images that would otherwise just lay dormant in your hard drive or cloud!
  • The “Invisible cable” is one of the biggest hacks of the century, one cable to rule them all you could say! No more divisions between power cables and HDMI’s making an unsightly mess. It’s all blended into one convenient 20m cable which really does give you maximum space when deciding where the right area is to display your TV!
  • When purchasing the TV from Samsung Outlets you can opt to have the TV installed by their in-house technicians – this wont take along at all, you could have your television mounted and connected as soon as  the day you purchase it – that’s service!
  • Three sizes ranging from 55″ – 75″ makes a great addition to your room, whether you have a grand amount of space or in a smaller, more intimate area.
  • There’s no more blank walls, the TV can actually display digital pieces of art or even your own photos on a subtle slideshow!
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