Orbit gives us tips on getting through a first date, plus a chance to WIN!

Whether you’ve been set up by your friends, or swiped right on Tinder, going on a blind date can be stressful. Emotions run wildly between hearing imaginary wedding bells chiming in the future, to fixating on everything that could possibly go wrong.

To help you stress less and up your confidence levels, Orbit sugar free chewing gum shares four top tips to help navigate your way through any blind date.

  1. Choose the spot: Pick a public place like a restaurant in a mall. If you feel safe, you will feel more at ease and confident.
  2. Be curious: The purpose of the date is to get to know each other – so if you’re feeling nervous ask your date open-ended questions to get the conversation flowing.
  3. Be comfortable: Wear clothes that make you feel like your best self. There is nothing cute about shoes you can’t walk in, or trousers you can’t breathe in.
  4. Kick up your confidence level: Bad breath is a first date deal breaker, so chew Orbit gum before your date to make sure you’re minty fresh and ready to shine! What’s more, chewing gum helps to release nervous energy and combats stress and anxiety*.

Want to make an even better impression on your date by arriving in a hot new set of wheels? From now until the 30th of November 2018, you could win a Mini Cooper, plus R200 000 in cash prizes. To enter, buy any two Orbit products, dial the USSD code *120*846*2001#, follow the prompts on the screen and enter the last four digits of both barcodes.

Orbit sugar-free chewing gum gives you the confidence to tackle life’s big moments because, It’s Your Time to Shine!

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