Africa hosts its very first MemExhibition!

Gallery One11 is excited in collaborating with What do you Meme?TM in Africa’s first meme exhibition which opens February 1st in gallery. The exhibition, ‘MemExhibition’ hosted by J AND J Rewards will feature WDYM? Meme Picture Cards on display for you to caption throughout the week. In the ‘MEMExhibition’, What do you meme? draws in a whole different experience between fun and art.

Become your own Meme curator, You and your friends will receive caption cards from the actual game and go around pairing up the funniest combination of captions with the Photo Cards displayed throughout the gallery. What we are striving for is to ultimately get you ROFL (Rolling On The Floor Laughing).

The ‘Memexhibition’ will surprise the gallery visitors with the interactive, creative, and a hilariously fun experience. We will have photos up with blank spaces for you to get creative and come up with your own hilarious captions! Spot prizes will be given for the best captions!

“Launch Evening” – Thursday Feb 1st, 2019
(Buyers and VIP Invitational)
“Open Gallery and Games Room” – Feb 2nd-6th
Open to the public: competitions to be held throughout the week. Come create some Meme’s and stand a chance to win! Tables will be set up for you and your friends to play. *Games will be sold at discounted prices.
“First Thursdays” – Thursday Feb 7th, 2019
(DIY Meme Curation & Guest DJ)

So come and join as we create history by drawing inspiration from modern internet sensations such as MEMES and create (not only create the coolest game ever) Africa’s first MEMEXhibition of contemporary-interactive art.

More information about the exhibition can be found at:

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