Find love in your language this Valentine’s Day with Cadbury P.S.

With Valentine’s Day just around the corner, Cadbury P.S. has launched a limited-edition range of chocolate bars that will help you say “I LOVE YOU” in the different languages of South Africa, including sign language!

These limited-edition message bars can be shared across the country this Valentine’s season, offering South Africans the chance to find love in their own language, or to learn how to say I LOVE YOU in another. What’s more, the brand teamed up with selected influencers who each learnt how to say ‘I LOVE YOU’ in different languages, Watch the crazy-fun video down below where you’ll see some of South Africa’s most influential having a blast on set with P.S.

Cadbury P.S gets that love knows more than just one language, so having these limited edition bars come out isn’t just super romantic, but it gives you the perfect opportunity to surprise your special loved ones and the rest of South Africa.

“Cadbury P.S. loves helping people connect and express their feelings in personal, yet simple ways. And the fact that they can now say ‘I LOVE YOU’ in their own language is something the brand is very proud to share and we hope this helps each and every one of our fans express a little bit more love this Valentine’s.” Grant van Niekerk, Mondelez SA Category Lead for Chocolate

Pick up your P.S. bars in any leading retail store, sharing with friends, family and even that special someone this Valentine’s Day has never been easier! Don’t forget to check out the insta-videos showcasing all the fun filled action on the Cadbury P.S. Instagram page @cadburyps_bar

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