Gorgeous and glowing: Your hair made fabulous by Glampalm South Africa!

Hair straightening and the products that go along with them have revolutionised the hair market and how people have chose to style their looks. Today, we take a look at Glampalm, the latest technology in professional flat irons. It’s the only brand that promises virtually no damage to your natural hair.

Launched into the diverse South African market in 2012, Glampalm is fast becoming a favourite amongst consumers and hairstylists. The difference in these stylers is by far the unmatched technology. Women are lusting over the “magical transformation” of hair that Glampalm promises. Perhaps the most popular reason for Glampalm being in such demand is the promise of virtually NO DAMAGE. Glampalm stylers and curlers have a unique and patented secret in all their products called “Healing Stone” – This is the magical ingredient for unmatched performance.”

Healing stone is a natural mineral found deep in the mountains of South Korea. Special ceramic plates are then infused in these minerals through a delicate process that takes weeks to complete. “Healing Stone” in the Glampalm plate enables the device to function optimally at 200 degrees instead of 230 degrees and is known to produce better and longer lasting results than competitor brands.

This mineral also enhances hair colour, whether it may be natural or colour treated. The healing stone technology in each device ensures hair is left in almost identical condition to the pre styling state while adding supreme smoothness and shine.

Glampalm stylers are unique in the sense that all products are manufactured using the highest quality materials, there is absolutely no compromise in this regard. Every Glampalm iron is assembled with screws instead of pressings which is important for its lifespan. Another unique feature is that the Healing Stone Technology is exclusive to the Glampalm brand as this special mineral mine in Korea is owned and accessible only to Glampalm.

We always appreciate companies and brands that take crucial parts in CSI and philanthropic projects, so If you haven’t personally been touched by crime, it may be hard to imagine that it could ever happen to you. Building a community that stops it from happening to you or those you love is important, because the reality is… you could be next. This is the very first styling tool that has the ability to positively shape the future…so what are you waiting for?

Glampalm encourages users to take power and avoid becoming another statistic… It’s in your hands to make a choice for the greater good of your hair and your community with Glampalm – a tool for change. A portion of the sales of every styling tool sold in South Africa and South Korea goes towards an NGO for change – to help those who have lost their loved ones to crime.

For more on Glampalm and the full selection of their products, be sure to visit their site along with their online store, here and get your full fix of styling glory! Make sure to swing by their instagram page where they often post new looks, tips and tricks on how to get the best out of your Glampalm!

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