Nestlé Aero melts the hearts of South Africans with feel good stories

Over the years, Nestlé has brought people from all walks of life together, through their love of NESTLÉ AERO chocolate; and amidst the current climate, NESTLÉ AERO believes that the world would be a better place if we spent more time on the positive moments in our lives, inspiring us to look at the brighter and lighter side of life.

“We are inviting South Africans to focus on the positive moments in their lives. These are moments to melt into, to indulge in, to lift our days and spread lightness”- says Alex Villela, Business Executive Officer, Confectionary Nestlé South Africa.

NESTLÉ AERO is turning every Friday starting on the 11th September into a NESTLÉ AERO FEEL GOOD FRIDAY where South Africans are encouraged to share their #AeroMomentsToMeltInto on popular radio stations, Kaya FM, East Coast Radio, Heart FM and Highveld 94.7 FM as well as on social media. To further drive and spread this message of positivity. NESTLÉ AERO has garnered the support of popular South African personalities whose personal experiences of positivity will help create these moments of lightness that NESTLÉ AERO is well known for.

“Research has shown that our lives are significantly improved when we make deliberate decisions to spend more time focusing on the ‘feel good’. Nestlé has chosen to spread positivity through the NESTLÉ AERO ‘Moments to Melt into’ campaign, a catalyst to share uplifting sentiments with the underlying message of coming together, feeling good, spreading joy, making memories and inspiring others ” – continues Alex.

Designed to encompass everything that consumers know and love about NESTLÉ AERO, and amplified by the opportunity to connect through stories, this campaign will afford South Africans, young and old, an opportunity to share their ‘Moments to Melt into’; and inspire South Africans to choose a lighter, more positive perspective and lift their days with moments of lightness.

To share your #AeroMomentsToMeltInto and #AeroFeelGoodFridays visit @AeroSouthAfrica on Instagram, Facebook and Twitter

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