5 reasons why the LG Velvet 5G is perfect for content creators!

If you’re a passionate content creator who enjoys sharing your life in exquisite high definition, the LG VELVET 5G is the smartphone you’ve been waiting for. Sleek and colourful, this phone not only shines like soft velvet, but has incredible features that allow users to create thumb-stopping content, store large amounts of data and stream content at lightning speed.

Picture perfect

The LG VELVET 5G offers a suite of advanced imaging solutions, called the LG Creator’s Kit, that take full advantage of the smartphone’s 48MP main camera, other high-quality lenses and unique camera software.

Now you can capture every moment as you experience it. The 48MP sensor reduces noise for extraordinary detail and you’ll be able to capture brighter, clearer photos even in low light with the phone’s pixel binning technology. Your night-time pics will look just as good as shots taken in the morning.

Vlog your heart out

Get ready to take the best videos of your life! Time-Lapse Control means you can adjust the speed of your videos, and the 3D augmented reality Sticker and 3D Photo Effect takes portraits of friends and family to a whole new level. Voice Bokeh minimises background noise in videos to keep the focus o‌n the subject, while ASMR Recording employs two high-sensitivity microphones to capture the faintest of sounds in all their magnificent detail. You can also say goodbye to shaky memories because, even in low-light conditions, videos will have smooth movie camera stability. 

Next generation streaming

5G is the latest mobile network technology that will eventually replace 4G LTE. The shift to 5G will certainly change the way we use technology on a daily basis, and investing in a smartphone that has 5G capability will keep you ahead of the pack.

With 5G, your download and upload speeds will be significantly faster and the time it takes your device to communicate with wireless networks will be dramatically reduced. So no more laggy apps or unresponsive web pages. Get ready to stream, post and share in the blink of an eye.

Extra storage

If you’re a social media influencer who uses your phone to curate and share large volumes of content every day, the LG VELVET 5G makes space for all your adventures with a baseline storage capacity of 128GB. If this isn’t enough, you can expand the storage by up to 2TB using the micro-SD card slot.

Yes please to never running out of space again!

Audio made intelligent

When you want to kick back and relax, the smartphone’s 3D Sound Engine will ensure that everything you hear is just right. AI Sound is the smart software that automatically applies the best audio settings based on what you’re listening to. That’s right – you don’t need to fiddle with settings, the phone will do it all for you. This makes voices clearer, music more immersive and movie experiences more realistic.

In this time of social distancing where – more and more – we have to share our experiences virtually, our phones play a huge part in our lives. The LG VELVET 5G allows you to curate and share content in a way that keeps you truly connected to your world.

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