South African Raprobeat Artist – Capso!

Screenshot from Capso's popular music video: "Dreams."
Screenshot from Capso’s popular music video: “Dreams.”

It’s no doubt that South Africa is a concentrated hub for talent! But we’ve seen nothing this awesome, unique and as possibly captivating as Raprobeat artist Capso!

Raprobeat you ask? Raprobeat can be briefly summarized as a mix between afro-beat and rap, swirl that together and you get Capso’s epic combination of beat and lyrics! Capso is a Johannesburg raised Congolese-born artist who’s become a YouTube sensation!

Capso’s newly released song “Dreams,” has already hit over 150 thousand views (and climbing!) on YouTube, while being broadcasted on Music channels like: Trace, Channel O and MTV.  And played numerous times on popular radio stations like: 94.7 Highveld Stereo and Metro FM.

Capso is just beginning his journey to the top of the charts, expect to hear more from him in the very near future!

View Capso’s music video for “Dreams” here:


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