GoTrend Interviews: Mr SA Top 12 – John Owens!

It’s that time again for the men of South Africa to show us what they’ve got! Yes, Mr South Africa is back and with the 12 final contestants chosen, we chat with Mr SA finalist, John Owen on his personal life, the competition and what it takes to win!


GT: John, briefly tell us about yourself!

JO: I am 32 years old from PTA. I work as a sales manager for a very big property developer. I do a bit of part tome modelling – I am a previous PHD underwear model. I’m known in the MRSA comp as the late bloomer, because first ever competition that I have entered. I am a Christian and God is my compass.

GT: How did the idea to enter Mr SA start?

JO: The idea came from my brother who has nagged me for 2 years to enter. I know the owner of MRSA before he bought it. I know the vision he has for it. And then, when I heard what they wanted to achieve with MRSA this year I saw it as an opportunity to establish myself and create some opportunities for myself! 

GT: Coming all the way to the top 12, is one huge achievement! Has it set in yet?

JO: When I entered, I said to myself if I made the top 50 I would be happy. But when I made the top 12, I knew this was meant to be! It was an absolutely out of this world feeling. Now that the competition is coming to the close, it’s really starting to become a reality that I have the chance to win it.  


GT: What are the most important qualities that the Mr SA title holder needs?

JO: I would say you need to be a man that is well rounded. They made it quite clear this year that they don’t want a model but a business man and someone that can achieve what previous MRSA’s couldn’t. And that meant not just having the title for 12 months and the disappearing but to take the brand to another level. So the winner has to have everything. Excellence, integrity, adventure, professionalism, competence, compassion and be easy on the eyes!

GT: What can you bring in your own unique way to Mr SA?

JO: I think a bit of maturity as I’m the eldest finalist. Also I’ve got a lot of experience in life as I finished school when I was 16 and started working. Also I’m not a model and I don’t think like one. 

GT: What do you like to do in your spare time?

JO: Work really keeps me busy, but I love sport. To watch, play or anything to do with it. And I really love spending quality time with my friends and family.

GT: To end off, we always like to ask, what’s a motto or saying that you live by?

JO: I live by a simple philosophy… “As long as i have pulse, I have a purpose” and whenever anyone asks me how I am, I always reply with: “Too blessed to be stressed.”

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With the finale of Mr SA on November 7th, at Gold Reef City. Well rounded, hardworking, intelligent and funny You have to know that John Owens is GoTrend’s choice! And if you want to ensure that he wears that crown, then grab your phone and vote!

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