Up and Coming: Jamie Saint

DJ Jamie Saint (left)

For the past four years Jamie Saint has been taking SA radio by storm with his progressive beats. Starting at the young age of 18, Jamie has built himself up as one of the most promising entertainment acts in Southern Africa!

Starting off with the mentorship of the ever popular DJ Milkshake, Jamie was definitely in good hands from the start! Jamie started to experiment in music forms such as Hiphop, but soon found his true passion in Dance music and that’s when everyone really started to notice! With all the practice paying off, Jamie has evolved and grown, all while being constantly featured on Good Hope FM, 5FM, UCT Radio and had a weekly residence on MFM Stellenbosch.

Jamie Saint
Jamie Saint

Recently, Jamie has left his slot at 2oceansVibeRadio after one and a half years to join powerhouse radio station, 5FM. Jamie is a junior producer and resident DJ on the Saturday Night Fix, (saturday nights) 10pm – 1am.

Jamie, becoming increasingly popular is taking over South Africa a little more, with each mix and there’s no limit as to what this guy is going to achieve! Keep your eyes on him and don’t forget to catch him every Saturday Night 10pm – 1am on 5FM.

Want more of Jamie Saint? – Catch him on these links here:

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