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When we discovered fashion/beauty and lifestyle blog: Glitz & Grammar, we immediately bookmarked! (The cyber way of saying we saved it and LOVED it!) Writer of the blog: Anja van der Spuy or popularly known as her super-cool blogger presence Anja Wintour, was kind enough to give us some time to answer some of the burning questions that the GoTrend Team had for her!

GoTrend: Anja, tell us a little more about yourself and your blog Glitz and Grammar!

Anja: I started blogging while I was studying at Red & Yellow (the advertising college), and my first blog was focussed on reviewing advertisements. After graduating I worked in advertising for a while, but I found that my heart was longing for more self expression. Thus Glitz and Grammar was born. Not long after I got my job as a Content Editor for LEGiT, which is pretty much the coolest job ever.

I find it easier to write about my blog than myself, but if I have to say some words about myself it would be: dogs, fashion, food and family.


GoTrend: On your blog you’re always posting fresh new looks, where do you get your inspiration for your next outfit?

Anja: It’s more a case of what I bought recently than what has inspired me recently. My recent purchases dictate my blog posts. It’s so bad that I often refuse to wear something to work before it’s been shot for my blog! 😀


GoTrend: Being totally into fashion, we absolutely love the combinations you put together! What are some of your go to clothing stores?

Anja: I am a bargain hunter of note. I’d rather have a massive wardrobe filled with mostly cheap clothes, than a tiny wardrobe filled with expensive clothes. I’ve found some of my best fashion items at China shops, like my American flag dress and lace princess dress. I’m also a big fan of LEGiT and Mr Price’s clothes.

Some Saturdays I go to our local hospice to donate clothes… And to buy clothes! Haha! They have the BEST vintage jackets.

For investment pieces I opt for Edgars, as their flagship stores have all the big fashion names like Top Shop and Levi’s.


Image from: Image taken by @alettafrancina
Image from: – Image taken by @alettafrancina


GoTrend: Tell us your fashion essentials, what can’t you live without?

Anja: Quirky accessories, stockings, leopard print, sundresses and high-waisted denims.


GoTrend: As a blogger: Tell us what your favourite and not so favourite parts are.

Anja: My favourite part is when people tell me that they can relate to my articles. I’m brutally honest on my blog, so it always makes me happy to know that people appreciate it.

My least favourite part: Sometimes blogging can be a bit like high school. It’s just important to stay true to yourself(ie) and to refuse to let others dictate your blog.


GoTrend: What websites or magazines do you enjoy?

Anja: I loooooooooooooooooooove Nylon Magazine! Oh man, everything they do is just so cool. I’m subscribed to their magazine, and I always have to keep a tissue at hand to wipe the drool off my iPad screen.


GoTrend: Where do you want to see yourself (and your blog) in the next five years?

Anja: With the digital age evolving at such a rapid speed I’m not even sure if blogging will still be a thing in 5 years. But if it is, I’d like to see my name rank the highest on Google 😉

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GoTrend: To anyone out there who wish to start a fashion/beauty blog, what key tips would you share?

Anja: Find your own voice and OWN IT. Don’t just copy what other bloggers have done, do your own thing and people will notice you.

Also, spell check is your best friend.


GoTrend: Our customary ending question: What is your life motto?

Anja: Dress like a girl, eat like a guy.

So now you know why GoTrend had to grab the opportunity to interview Anja! If you like this Interview, then we know for a fact her blog, Glitz & Grammar will definitely be your cup of tea. Don’t forget to catch it all at!

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