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GoTrend is here with another 10 at Ten session and today we bring you Cape Town based Actor/Model and YouTuber, Shaun Chad Smit! Currently staring as Rocky, The Rocky Horror Show by Richard O’Brien. We chat to Shaun about his life, career and his super cool YouTube Channel!

GoTrendSA: Shaun, thanks for joining GoTrendSA for an interview! Tell us a little more about yourself?

Shaun Chad Smit: I grew up in Pretoria, ‘n boerseun in an Afrikaans community, playing Rugby and just a happy guy. And then I decided to tackle the arts, rather, and moved to Cape Town about a year ago. I’m born in 1992 on the 24th of February (Really like my birthday) And if you have to type anything more about myself, I’m gonna start feeling like I’m signing up on a dating-site. Hehe.

GoTrendSA: You’re currently doing the Rocky Horror Show; tell us a little more about the character you play and the experience so far?

Shaun Chad Smit: Truly a life-changing experience – I enjoy every moment of the show and really grateful for the opportunity. The character I play is really naive and allow people to take advantage of his body and his sweetness. And that is totally in contras with who Shaun is. I’m a driven guy and knows what I want and working really hard to get there, with no shortcuts.

GoTrendSA: We see you’ve recently signed with Ice Models, are you excited for the modelling aspect to your career?

Shaun Chad Smit: Ah, I’m so excited! Modeling has always been a really amazing thing for me to do. I really enjoy working in studio or shooting on locations. And the opportunities are endless!

GoTrendSA: We’re sure that the performing arts industry has it’s ups and downs. What you say to someone who wants to get into the field?

image-5Shaun Chad Smit: Don’t. The less people, the more work for us. I’m kidding! If someone wants to get into this industry you need to know (not just “hear” it, you need to know) that it’s a cut-throat industry and not easy. But I don’t wanna crush your dreams, I just want you to realize it’s more work than you think it is. But once you’re in it and you’re having fun, then it’s worth it and you remember why you wanted to be a performer in the first place. My secret: Don’t sell yourself short, and ALWAYS be one step ahead.

GoTrendSA: When you’re not on your super busy schedule, what do you like to do in your spare time?

Shaun Chad Smit: Shopping. I know it sounds really gay, but I love buying new things, I’m not going to lie about this! Also, spend time with people that’s important in my life. With my daily routine it’s not easy to fit into my friends’ routines of socialising, so I literally have to make an effort if I want to spend time with friends or family. (Which then makes it more special too)

GoTrendSA: We have to know: Your Gym schedule, what do you do to stay in shape?

Shaun Chad Smit: Haha, I get this question a lot. And my answer is quite disappointing – I don’t know. I gym yes, about 3 times a week, 45 minute sessions, and that’s it. I think growing up, being out on the sports field every day for about 14 years, it gave me a really nice platform, and now I just need to maintain that.

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GoTrendSA: We’ve been a follower of your YouTube channel for a while now, how did you get into YouTube and did you think it would become as big as it is now?

Shaun Chad Smit: Ah thank you! I started filming myself when I was in high school, just bored at home, and then later realised that I really enjoy shooting and editing videos. Now thanks for saying it’s ‘big’ already… But I’ve got some really cool plans for the channel in the near future, so it’s only the start. At the moment I’ve got a series running every day in October where I take the viewers with me to have #LunchWithShaun – I love finding new cool restaurants and just trying new dishes. (And who doesn’t want free food?!)

GoTrendSA: When creating content for YouTube, what do you find connects you the most with your audience?

Shaun Chad Smit: When you shoot – Don’t think you’re talking into a camera, imagine the camera lens is the eye of one of your friends. You are then more comfortable in front of the camera and automatically engaging the viewers.

GoTrendSA: Any sneak peaks as to what the future holds for you Shaun?

Shaun Chad Smit: Hahaha. I like to surprise people, so no sneak peaks. But I can tell you, some of the decisions I made for next year, actually surprised ME!

GoTrendSA: Our cliché-question: Your essential mantra is?

Shaun Chad Smit: You’ll never be as young as you are right now, so just have fun! Let go and let God.

PS: If you want to catch up with Shaun catch him on the following social media sites below.

Instagram: @shaunchadsmit

Twitter: @shaunchadsmit

Facebook: Shaun Chad Smit (Official Page)

YouTube: Shaun Chad Smit

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