Ten at 10: GoTrend Interviews Marcel Snyman!

Photo: Nadia von Scotti

So today on GoTrend, we’re pretty excited to introduce to you you our new “Ten at 10” interviewee, and we’re talking international model and fitness fanatic Marcel Snyman! Marcel gives us the low down on his career, being stylish, fitness hacks and of course the scoop on life as a professional model.

GoTrendSA: Hey Marcel, thanks for joining us on GoTrendSA, introduce yourself!

Marcel: Hi! I am 26 years old, hailing from Pretoria, born and raised. I currently live in Cape Town with my incredible girlfriend Charissa du Plessis.

GoTrendSA: We’ve been following you online for a quite a while, tell us more about your modelling career?

Marcel: I joined Ice Models Jhb (Jane Celliers) late 2008, they really help you develop a good base to launch a career from, I met with our Ice Models CPT (Penny Musgrave) about one year later and started coming to Cape Town for our international season over Oct-Mar. It went great during my first season booking various local and international clients. After that I headed out to Europe joining various agencies throughout the EU. I crossed the Atlantic and went to New York, since then I’ve continued working on the craft and trade of this industry!

GoTrendSA: Being on the cover of Men’s Health magazine, is pretty prestigious! How did it feel once you actually picked up the magazine in store?

Marcel: I recall it being in Dec of 2010, shooting for Men’s Health is not something that I think just crosses you career, it’s something you work for, I don’t think you’ll find a lot of cover guys who can deny that. It’s was a great reward for all the years of training hard and staying healthy.

GoTrendSA: What advice do you have for someone (Male or Female) that’s looking to get into the modelling sector?

Marcel: Don’t make this mistake of thinking modelling is about being hot or good looking, it’s about character, there is almost a market for every face, you just have to find it. 50% of the world supermodels we’re scouted in malls, so walk around in malls more often.

Photo: Nadia von Scotti

GoTrendSA: You work really hard to stay in shape, what are some of your gym techniques that keep you in top condition?

Marcel: It’s more about the kitchen, keep it natural, avoid all processed foods. Cut out all your grains by lunch and avoid sugars after 3/4pm. Guidelines work better than diets, have an Oreo every now and then. As for training, I mix it up a lot just to avoid getting bored. I run at least ¾ times a week, I teach Charissa to play squash every now and then, I love doing Crossfit, it really is the fastest way to lose weight and get into shape. (See people can stop talking about Crossfit!).

GoTrendSA: Since fashion is a big part of your life, what look would you go for on a normal day out?

Marcel: Comfort is key, but a stylish edge makes it look great, you don’t have to be fashionable to look good, steal trends from others, see what the shops put together and mix it up. Invest in jeans and shoes. Sock colour = pants colour.

GoTrendSA: Where are some of your favourite spots to hang out in Cape Town?

Photo: Nadia von Scotti

Marcel: Cape Town – Coffee at Bootlegger, lunch at Beluga, dinner at Black Sheep in Kloof Street or Piano Bar in Green Point, drinks at Caprice and a party at Aces and Spades or Shimmy Beach.

GoTrendSA: When you’re not working, what other hobbies do you have?

Marcel: I always have time for golf, I still have to get kite surfing under the knee!

GoTrendSA: Marcel, where can we find you online if we want to catch up with you?

Marcel: Facebook: Marcel Snyman and Instagram: Marcelsnyman8

GoTrendSA: And lastly, we always have to ask! What is your personal mantra?

Marcel: Realise not everything is controllable.

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