Ten at 10: We interview international modeling sensation Charissa Du Plessis!

image4Good morning GoTrender’s! This morning we have a surprise for you, we’ve got one of the most prestigious models to hit the SA scene, obviously we’re talking about the super hot Charissa Du Plessis! International model and local beauty Charissa chats to the GoTrend Team on all the essentials on the life of a top model and tells us a little more about her heart throb boyfriend Marcel Snyman. Grab your pen and paper you’re going to want to take note!

GoTrendSA: Hey Charissa, thanks for joining us on GoTrendSA today, tell us a little more about yourself!

Charissa: Well, first I’m afrikaans and from Bloemfontein. I’ve finally turned 21 years old. I’m living in the beautiful city Cape Town and happily INLOVE with model/boyfriend Marcel Snyman.

GoTrendSA: So, you’re currently signed with a few modeling agencies but especially so with the prestigious Next Models Agency, how did you get into modeling, and how has your experience been so far?

Charissa: In my final year of high school, My dad actually suggested it. I found ICE (my image6mother agency) and this has been the most incredible journey I’ve ever been on. The job is so satisfying in so many ways. I can be who ever I want to be.

GoTrendSA: What advice would you give to girls wanting to get into the modeling scene

Charissa: Be yourself, but know that it won’t be easy. It’s hard work and your going to be rejected a hundred times, but never give up. If you work hard and you become the “best-self” you can be…well then I think anything is possible.

GoTrendSA: We’re SO obsessed with you and Marcel being a powerhouse couple! How did you two meet?

Charissa: Oh my goodness… (blushes) We met at a party last year. I remember it like it was yesterday. He was by far the most gorgeous man I’ve ever Laid eyes on and needless to say, I tried my luck, bought him a beer…and the rest is history.

GoTrendSA: Charissa, when you’re not busy working where do you like to hang out in Cape Town?

image7Charissa: My absolute favourite places are: Nü, Bootlegger, Beluga and Slug and Lettuce. (All in Cape Town!)

GoTrendSA: Tell us about your fashion sense, what is a days outfit in the life of Charissa

Charissa: If it’s not black, I won’t wear it.

GoTrendSA: Being in the public eye is hard no doubt, what do you do to keep yourself feeling and looking so good?

Charissa: I have and always will be obsessed with exercise. The promenade in Seapoint has become Marcel and my playground. 80% of being healthy starts with food, so I always try to be as healthy as possible with what I feed my body.

GoTrendSA: Where do you want to see yourself in five years time?

Charissa: I have no idea!

GoTrendSA: Charissa, where can we catch up with your fabulous life online?image2


Charissa du Plessis – Facebook

Charissad1 – Instagram

Charissdup – Twitter

GoTrendSA: Lastly, we always love to ask what your essential mantra is?

Charissa: Work hard in silence and let success be your noise.

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