Getting the scoop: Mercedes-Benz Bokeh South African international Fashion Film Festival creator, Adrian Lazarus!

Screen Shot 2015-06-09 at 22.48.36Here on GoTrendSA we’re absolutely obsessed with the fashion industry and especially when we find unique individuals who are taking it by storm. Celebrating South African creativity and entrepreneurship, today we chat to the creator of the one and only, Mercedes-Benz Bokeh South African international Fashion Film Festival, Adrian Lazarus!

GoTrendSA: Adrian, thank you for joining GoTrendSA for an interview, for those who don’t know you, introduce yourself! It’s my pleasure!

Adrian Lazarus: I am a proudly South African entrepreneur, owner of the Mercedes-Benz Bokeh South African international Fashion Film Festival, an international award winning fashion-film director, and loving father of a beautiful daughter, Sienna!

GoTrendSA: So you’ve founded the Mercedes-Benz Bokeh South African International Fashion Film Festival, what inspired you to create such an event?

Adrian Lazarus: Three years ago I was nominated for the International Fashion Film Awards

Adrian and Tarina Patel
Adrian and Tarina Patel

and attended the largest fashion film festival in the world (the La Jolla Fashion Film Festival, USA) where I was exposed to this exciting new genre of film. I was able to network with some of the biggest players in the industry and witnessed the incredibly close relationship between fashion and film and realized that we had all it took in South Africa to show the world our amazing work. The networking opportunities at the festival are amazing, and all who attend leave the festival entertained and inspired to create wonderful works.

GoTrendSA: Adrian, what does it feel like to have such prestigious sponsors on board, who believed in your dream?

Adrian Lazarus: I am the first to say that without partners who share your vision, you can only have a very limited offering. I am very blessed to have Mercedes-Benz South Africa, the Cape Town Fashion Council, and Hisense all share my passion and vision to create a world-class event that takes us to new creative heights and showcases South African talent on the world stage!

GoTrendSA: South Africa is a culture-rich hub for media and creativity, what do you expect from the entries received, especially any insight for those looking to enter for 2016?

Adrian, Tarina Patel and Hendrik Vermeulen Couture – Rowen Photography

Adrian Lazarus: We have over the past two years concentrated on establishing the festival by focusing on the international aspect of the genre. This year we are starting to focus on the development angle, and are encouraging the emerging film-makers to get involved with a special category that celebrates their stories and their take on the genre. Remember that it’s not always about a big budget or big stars. We have seen fantastic entries based on a simple, clean, funny idea – this translates into a great film and can hold its own in the festival. Entries for the 2016 festival will open on the festival website at on the 1st July 2015!

GoTrendSA: The Mercedes-Benz Bokeh South African International Fashion Film Festival is easily one of the noted events of the year, what are you expecting from 2015’s one hosted in Joburg this June?

Adrian Lazarus: The Johannesburg event is held a month or two after the big Cape Town Festival. At the Johannesburg event we aim to show off the fun aspects of the festival but have to exclude all the talks and master classes we host in Cape Town. In Cape Town we show more than 100 of the Officially Selected submissions (out of 500 submissions this year), however we manage to select only a few of the standout films for the show in Johannesburg. We couple this with our legendary Red Carpet Experience, Entertainment, Luxury Mercedes-Benz vehicles, and sumptuous food. Its going to be an amazing event once again!

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