Smartwatches Get The Midas Touch


LG’s first round-faced smartwatch, the G Watch R, is a pretty decent looking smartwatch, if you’re into the slightly rugged sports-watch kind of vibe, but the south Korean company has decided that not everyone is into that look, so they released the Watch Urbane. A smartwatch for the discerning businessman.

Today, LG Electronics has announced a luxe version of the Watch Urbane, the Watch Urbane Luxe.


Presumably running on Android Wear, the “premium limited edition smartwatch” will feature a 23-karat gold body with an alligator leather strap set in a piano-gloss lacquer case.

LG says that the 23-karat gold used in the LG Watch Urbane Luxe is stronger and harder than the 24-karat gold used in jewelry and heavier than the 18-karat gold used in traditional luxury watches.

“Wearable devices shouldn’t be thought of as an extension of one’s smartphone but an extension of oneself,” said Chris Yie, vice president and head of marketing communications for LG Mobile Communications Company. “This blending of craftsmanship and technology is a natural evolution of the smartwatch, which is becoming more of a lifestyle accessory than a piece of hardware. We think this is a good direction for wearables and we want to encourage this transformation.”

Only 500 of these premium smartwatches will go on sale with each watch engraved with its own serial number for authenticity.

LG says that the Watch Urbane Luxe will be initially be available in the USA starting at the end of October for approximately USD 1,200.

There’s no word as to whether or not the Watch Urbane Luxe will reach South African shores.

Gold has become a popular finish amongst hardware manufacturers and LG is not the first smartwatch manufacturer to release a gold smartwatch, take a look at the gallery below to see a few more gold smartwatches.


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