STEPPING UP: Eating up a storm at the Social Kitchen & Bar!

12357179_1020982811257447_1209061041831928581_oThere’s always a restaurant around the corner that can satisfy your hunger, but there are a few that set apart the good from the great! Today GoTrendSA is happy to report that we’ve found a real gem in the already amazing Hyde Park corner shopping centre! That’s right, The Exclusive Books Social Kitchen & Bar have opened up to customers and we’re here to give you the low down.

“Exclusive Books Hyde Park is an extraordinary space. Every tile, every piece of parquet has been put in place for a reason. The coffee bar is tiled with white Johnson tiles that have been first allowed to dry on the surfaces of the bar and then are broken with a hammer. The cracks are filled in with gold leaf. The inspiration for this treatment comes from an Argentinian restaurant in Paris, Anahi. There, the entire restaurant is tiled in white with gold leaf inserted into cracks. The Moroccan tiles on the floor and on the walls match nothing. You will find cracked tiles and imperfect pieces sitting alongside a beautifully grouted whole tile.

The reason for the cracked tiles, which are visible above the fire exit in the bar, is that Benjamin Trisk (owner) wanted less regularity, something that spoke more of imperfection and bohemian style. The way in which the tiles flow from perfect squares to a whole series of irregular, unaligned patterns speaks to the Japanese Philosophy of “Wabi-Sabi” – it is about the imperfection of things.

Organic lamb rump grilled over coals, rosemary and black pepper roasted pumpkin and spiced beans.

What’s incredible about the Social Kitchen & Bar is its inclusion of the Exclusive Books Branch, walking through the selection of books suddenly turns to a spacious area where the eatery begins, it’s a lovely atmosphere because it feels like you could be walking into a vibey hangout that you could meet friends or business partners for lunch or dinner.

Surrounded by a peaceful environment the Social Kitchen & Bar overlooks the Hyde Park Suburb and brings a sense of calm in the busy urban lifestyle. Some of the more mentionable things on the menu include: the warm Tuscan bread salad of roasted shallots and garlic, vine tomato, basil and olives or something that’s a little heartier, such as the Organic Lamb, grilled over coals.

For more information on the Exclusive Books Social Kitchen & Bar, you can visit Hyde Park Corners website, or contact them by liking their Facebook Page or calling them on their landline (011 268 6039).


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