Travel Challenge: Fujifilm VS Paris!

Screen Shot 2016-02-15 at 22.19.49When GoTrendSA found out that their 3rd Birthday was going to happen in Paris, we knew that this was the perfect opportunity to test out the XT-10, the famous little brother of the XT-1. So we hopped on the plane and said Bonjour to Paris with our new pocket sized travel buddy, hoping for the best!

The camera being amazingly compact, with 381g as it’s weight and its dimensions of 124.9 x 86.2 x 77.4 mm makes for a barely noticeable carry in your backpack. Which was definitely a great start as carrying essentials like macaroons and souvenirs for Mom should always be a priority, right? 

We were equipped with a 35mm lens, which is pretty standard as the lens that provides the photographer with the most “bokeh,” which seems to be all the rage these days with bloggers, especially those in fashion.

The camera took amazingly easy photographs when put on the “automatic” setting, which is 12698145_10208571606304705_8655438334281244600_ogreat for being on the move and of course in fast situations. The lighting adjustment was incredible to use at night and when it wasn’t enough, one touch of the button allowed a pop up flash to fill in the darker areas for crystal clear portraits and closer scenery shots, as the 35mm lens would allow.

One thing we love about our Fuji-friend is the battery life that the camera offers to the user. The 1260-MAH battery offers a great amount of user time allowing us to shoot continuously for 6 hours over two days.

The one thing however that isn’t the best on this Camera has nothing to do with software, but in fact with one of the most basic features on it. The power switch can be difficult in some instances to toggle on an off. Its design is ergonomic no doubt, but it may be slightly too much as gripping it can be difficult in situations where you are pressed for time. It’s not a major issue, but it’s noticeable especially if you have bigger hands.

The one feature that we’ve been flipping over for sure has to be Wireless Connectivity. The XT-10 connects wirelessly to any Android or iOS device to transfer images through the native Fujifilm app, which we can only describe as one major dream! Taking photos and sharing them to social media through the power of your phone has never been easier and we don’t think that falling in love with a feature has been possible up until we discovered this one. Taking photos and moving them directly onto the phone has definitely been a game changer and anyone, not just Journalists will agree on this!

Looking at this camera in a practical, beginner-intermediate term we love what it has to offer for its size and portability. In conclusion, this camera is the niftiest travel companion next to your passport, confidently, we can say that the Fujifilm XT-10 is a quality camera that will allow you to capture more than just images, but memories you will cherish forever at a price and weight that won’t put a damper on your trip! later this week we’ll bring you our full Paris album that will allow you to show off the power of the Fujifilm XT-10 completely!

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