Flirting with luxury: We explore timepieces by Daniel Wellington.

daniel-wellington-logoToday on GoTrendSA we’re featuring the prestigious brand of classic time pieces, Daniel Wellington. The brand that has everyone talking and most importantly styling – brings outfits alive with their collection of unique and dapper Watches. Daniel Wellington watches showed us how one watch is not just one watch! Need to know more? Well then, just keep reading!

You’ve seen everyone on Instagram wearing them, everyone flashing them around town and today we’ll tell you how you can become part of the fashionable elite by wearing Daniel Wellington!

From classic to contemporary, Daniel Wellington has focused their whole collection on making a multi-watch out of one timepiece. The ability to change between straps means your one watch becomes many. The use of classical leather shades and textures gives off the ultimate elegance to an everyday watch. Then there’s a whole lot of fun, their other collection known as Nato turns the tables completely in a unique, but still very much dapper way. The inspiration of the British Navy brought about the birth of the nato collection, a selection of colours and stripes fit any mood and any outfit – not to mention with the added bonus of turning heads around every corner. The straps give you the option to always be different, but always stay stylish.

Daniel Wellington let us shoot one of their exclusively beautiful Classic St Mawes Watches in Rose Gold. Everyone knows that Rose Gold is one of the biggest trends to hit 2016 and by the looks of it, Daniel Wellington is right on point with their colour schemes too! Have a look at our gallery below and have a look at this amazing watch.

The detail in just one watch is absolutely incredible, the pure leather strap has a soft feel to it and will wear in over time, letting it have that vintage but very much chic appeal. The watch and face have the options of coming in a flashy rose gold or a powerful sterling silver – it’s your decision!

The Watches interface is completely uncluttered – which brings such a fresh look as compared to other watch brands that add on unnecessary decorations and multicoloured aspects to their watches. The Daniel Wellington watch is simplicity on a wrist and in our opinion that’s a big enough selling point as minimalism is the a huge trend at the moment. The watch even come in a beautiful leather box to store it when not in use and a booklet on looking after your brand new investment!

Ordering your favourite Daniel Wellington timepiece is easy, select your watch off and pay instantly online, they’ll ship it right to your door step within 7-10 Days, it’s literally that easy! GoTrendSA and Daniel Wellington are offering you an exclusive offer to our readers use the discount code: GoTrendDW

It’s going to be better than ever to become one of the most stylish individuals here in South Africa, remember to head over to now to choose out a quality watch that will never fade in style!

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