Joining the movement: We dance it out with The Fitness Marshall!

18722651_1326536890749174_607136319264522240_nHey Guys! So if you don’t know me, my name is Kevin McLennan, Editor of GoTrend South Africa. I normally never give such an introduction such as this one, but today I feel it’s necessary because of the most amazing experience I had just yesterday, but to find out more read below!

In celebration of Cotton On Body and their incredible tenth birthday, YouTube fitness and dance sensation Caleb from The Fitness Marshall made his way to the city of Johannesburg as a part of his worldwide tour! He was met by hundreds of eager fans at Nelson Mandela Square in Johannesburg, South Africa and rocked the morning by dancing up a storm. Cotton On BODY and the Fitness Marshall share a common goal of empowering women to love themselves, just the way they are, with Marshall claiming that dance has a way of unlocking inner confidence and helping people find their most powerful self.

“Hailing from Philadelphia, USA, the Fitness Marshall (aka Caleb Marshall) has gained global attention and his hip-hop workouts, choreographed to the hottest songs, have received 120 million YouTube views. Starting the Fitness Marshall in 2014, the 24-year-old dance trainer is changing the face of fitness, with his methods more fun and uplifting than the average workout.”

Dancing along to hits from Meghan Trainor, Ed Sheeran and my personal favourite Rihanna (Work, work, work!) – Caleb gave the fans a full ”Fitness Marshall” experience with his fun, yet easy to follow dance moves! The crowd had a blast dancing to the latest hits all while getting a bomb workout. His back up booties Bria and Haley brought the crowd alive and looked amazing doing it!

I got the exclusive scoop with the man himself who mentioned that leaving the U.S. for a worldwide tour was an extremely daunting thought at the beginning, but as he began to travel he started to have a real blast as it was so inspiring for him: “Meeting people from different backgrounds and cultures has really been so rewarding for me and a great chance to really connect with new people and the special ones who follow me. The message of acceptance and being comfortable with yourself is so well received no matter what different backgrounds and areas you come from. We can all relate on the feeling of wanting to be free!

Photo 2017-05-30, 09 12 03
The crowd dancing it out in Nelson Mandela Square with The Fitness Marshall!

Caleb dedicated the last song of his concert to his fans – who he told to just have a moment of freedom and to forget about all of the negative things in their lives, to just dance it out! I think it was such a moving moment for everyone involved, at least I know that I was really moved by his openness and willing to make his fans feel special. It was one of my first experiences that a man had encouraged people with such an infectious positivity to be themselves, wholeheartedly. He mentioned that it didn’t matter who you were, what you looked like, your sexual orientation or anything along the lines of what society expected – in this moment you can be free and have fun!

So, like I said, I normally don’t write articles from a first person perspective, but I think you guys now know that it was such a special experience. It was incredible not just for me, but for everyone involved and all of Caleb’s fans at the event. It feels pretty cool to have an experience with such a blast of fun energy and to be involved with a group of men and women who shared the same spark!

Follow The Fitness Marshall on YouTube now for all his dancing adventures and to ensure that you stay up to date on any of his future tours and updates. In the meantime you can always lace up your trainers and step up to the fun beats of his dance videos!

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