Upgrade your sweet-tooth with the Sweetie Box!

May 2017 BoxLet’s just jump right into this – The Sweetie Box is honestly one of the most pioneering things to hit the market right now and yes, we’re definitely confident in saying that! A big box of international and local sweets delivered right to your door one a month, uhm, can anyone say YES PLEASE?!

Online subscription boxes have become extremely popular in both the US and UK markets and SweetieBox is the first of it’s kind in South Africa. Introduced in August 2016 SweetieBox was developed by sweet lovers who wanted to share their passion with fellow South Africans. What’s totally cool about the box is that the sweets and candy inside are ones that you’ve almost never tried before! Every box is an adventure, homebound candy is cool, but we’re big fans of expanding our sweet-tooth too!

The SweetieBox team have made it their goal to source a variety of sweets around the country and the world and bring this unique assortment to the doors of their fellow sweet lovers. SweetieBox brings a fun, exciting, convenient and tasty experience to customer’s doors each month.

Subscribers can sign up to Sweetie Box on – https://www.sweetiebox.co.za. Subscription costs R269 per month for a monthly box, excluding delivery and get to you within 1-3 working days!

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