Melrose Arch welcomes two new restaurants!

Melrose Arch is pleased to welcome two new restaurants, The Grillhouse and Sushi Burrito & Co, adding to its stellar line-up of eateries. With an already impressive selection of stores and restaurants, Melrose Arch is only improving!

Yes, the rumours are true! The Grillhouse is opening at Melrose Arch at the end of June. One of Joburg’s premium steakhouses, The Grillhouse offers a world-class dining experience, with excellent food, superior service, spectacular wine and malt choices and a vibrant, upmarket ambiance. Facing on to the Piazza, in the heart of vibrant Melrose Arch, The Grillhouse offers indoor and outdoor dining all year round.

The Grillhouse has become renowned for its meat dishes, meat so tender that it practically melts in your mouth – fillet, rump, New York sirloin and T-bone, rib eye, beef kebab, saddle lamb cutlets, ostrich medallions and venison, among others – combined with your favourite sauce from a choice of nine delectable sauces and you have a meal you’ll never forget. Alternatively, treat yourself to a special platter. Choose from a grillhouse platter comprising ribs (beef or pork), lamb cutlets, boerewors and beef kebab; a chicken platter made up of peri-peri drumsticks and wings, breasts, kebabs, chicken wors, peri-peri livers and crumbed strips, or a seafood platter, which is a selection of prawns, langoustines, calamari, mussels and linefish served on a bed of rice with accompanying sauces.

If you’re not in the mood for steak, the menu is varied, offering you a choice of salads, poultry and seafood. And vegetarians needn’t worry because they’re catered for too, with a wide selection of meat-free starters and main dishes.

There are two set menus, which is ideal if you’re hosting a function, treating your staff or you’re simply one of those people who can’t decide when there’s so much to choose from. For R335, you can choose from three starters, five main courses, three desserts and tea or coffee. For R390, you’ll enjoy Greek salads on your table, a choice of six starters, six main dishes and three desserts, as well as tea, coffee, a Dom Pedro or Irish coffee. Private dining rooms are available for special occasions or business lunches.

Melrose Arch The Grillhouse artist's impression

“We’re very excited about the opening of Sushi Burrito & Co and The Grillhouse at Melrose Arch,” says Mike Vermaak, Melrose Arch General Manager. “Melrose Arch is one of Johannesburg’s premier destinations when it comes to dining out and our restaurants are renowned for incredible food and great service. Sushi Burrito & Co and The Grillhouse complement our restaurant offerings perfectly, with Sushi Burrito & Co offering something that is unique in South Africa and exclusive to Melrose Arch, and The Grillhouse, which consistently receives rave reviews from customers, bringing one of the best steakhouses in Joburg to the precinct.”

Sushi Burrito & Co, which opened its doors at the end of May, offers a new and exciting concept sweeping the globe, and the first of its kind in Johannesburg – a fusion of Asian and Mexican cuisine. Finally, a food that’s delicious, healthy and combines the best of both cuisines!

To start your culinary experience, the tostado bites are a must-have. The Mexican version of an open sandwich, a tostado bite is a crispy taco treat loaded with salmon sashimi, prawn and wasabi guacamole, yakitori chicken, spicy tuna or surimi crabsticks with cucumber spaghetti, caviar and teriyaki sauce.

For your main course, you’re spoilt for choice but we’d recommend one of the two specialities Sushi Burrito & Co is renowned for, a sushi burrito or a poke salad. A sushi burrito is a hand-held sushi roll the size of a burrito. The roll is made with sushi rice and seaweed and filled with your choice of fish, chicken, beef or veggies – choose from delicious options like tempura prawn, surimi crab, raw or spicy tuna or salmon, chicken katsu, sukiyaki-style beef, tempura vegetable or just plain veggie.

Poke (pronounced “po-kay”) salads are all the rage at the moment and it’s easy to see why. Poke salads, made with marinated raw fish, originated in Hawaii but they’ve suddenly become popular around the world as everyone seeks tasty but healthy options. And being on trend, Sushi Burrito & Co is one of the first eateries in South Africa offering poke salads. Enjoy yours with sushi rice, brown rice or fresh greens like crispy kale and edamame beans, and select a salmon poke, tuna poke, sashimi salad or grilled chicken salad.

Life’s short – eat dessert first. You may be tempted to do just that when you see the dessert options at Sushi Burrito & Co. For a taste of heaven, try the Nutella and banana-filled fried wonton, or if you’d prefer a traditional dessert with a twist, try the green tea, ginger and lychee or chocolate, cinnamon and chilli ice cream. The Deep-Fried Delight is a deep-fried bao with crème fraiche, strawberries, fresh mint, maple syrup, caramelised bacon and cinnamon sugar crispy wonton swirl.

“Sushi Burrito & Co is very different from the usual run of Asian restaurants and we’re thrilled to be one of the first in South Africa offering this type of cuisine,” says Jad Jarmakani, co-owner of Sushi Burrito & Co. “The food is delicious, it’s healthy and it’s quick to prepare. Our customers don’t wait longer than seven minutes for any dish, so it’s ideal for those in a hurry.”

Melrose Arch The Grillhouse artist's impression2

Takeaways are available from Sushi Burrito & Co but with food this delicious, it’s better to sit down and take time to enjoy the delicious flavours. The restaurant is bright and vibrant, with clean, simple décor that is influenced by Japanese pop art culture mixed with colours that are popular in Mexico. The open kitchen allows customers to see their food being prepared, while the view of Melrose Arch’s Crescent Drive lets diners enjoy the buzz of the precinct.

Sushi Burrito & Co, Crescent Drive; tel 064 928 1031; visit www.facebook.com/sushiburritosa

The Grillhouse, Piazza, 38 Whitely Rd, Melrose Arch; visit www.thegrillhouse.co.za

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