Sipping on summer – Martini Dolce 0.0 is almost here!

Take a moment to enjoy that first sip – that’s all we’re doing come summertime! Although we absolutely love a good glass of champagne, there’s a big responsibility when it comes to drinking and even more so when you’re drinking around important events, family members and behind the wheel! Martini has recognized this and taken this lifestyle change into important consideration.

There is an inclusive sipping trend on the rise, and drinking habits are changing globally for a plethora of reasons, including greater ethnic and religious diversity, more health conscious lifestyles and changes in the way people socialise. The alcohol-free market is an increasingly dynamic one, with the growing culture of conscious gathering. With over 150 years of rich Italian expertise, coupled with their finger on the pulse of driving new offerings to cater to the needs of those consumers choosing to drink less, less often or not at all, Bacardi is proud to present Martini Dolce 0.0.

With all the above said, it’s definitely evident that the way alcohol is being consumed is changing. “Martini Dolce 0. 0 replicates the pleasure of a glass of Italian sparkling wine, with the same great flavour and zero alcohol content, ensuring that consumers are still taking part in that collective feeling of celebration,” said Hayley Read, Martini Marketing Manager for the Asia, Middle East and Africa region at Bacardi.

Lovingly crafted in the heart of Northern Italy, where sun@cracked foothills are lined with the Glera grape and every occasion is a celebration, Martini Dolce 0.0 is the leading Italian sparkling wine producer and is richly endowed with a portfolio of international brands that responds to the diverse needs of consumers globally.

Before next weeks big event we caught up with Spilt T Presenter and all-round fabulous, Taryn Louch where we, along with SA Celeb Zuraida Jardine were on set to talk all things Martini Dolce 0.0 along with other topics like Tinder, FaceTune and Catfishing. This is some hot tea, so you won’t want to miss next weeks episode! Where we sip on some 0.0 and talk about the best topics.

GoTrendSA is going to be at next weeks Martini Dolce 0.0 event held in Hyde Park and needless to say, with such a passionate background behind 0.0 and everything it stands for, we’re going to find out just how much fun, luxe and guilt free bubbly we can have. Be sure to stay with us on Instagram for all the VIP details. Here’s to popping many, many bottles – responsibly!

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