Breathe easy with AirPop!

Masks have become a way of life for many South African’s, keeping yourself protected when leaving your house has become one of our biggest and most unexpected priorities. A lot of masks have wearers feeling a little uncomfortable with their fit or tightness, making a tough experience, a little more annoying. Today we’re excited to feature AirPop masks, Every face is different. That’s why AirPop masks are shaped to fill the hard-to-seal area around the nose bridge, which prevents leakage and fogging while allowing you to breath a little easier!

Fit is not just about comfort, fit is essential to the mask’s performance. An accurate and close fit is integral to minimising aerosol and droplet ingress. At AirPop they have completely reimagined the construction, shape, and fit of their masks. Taking our measurements from a database of 3,000+ digital scans, their masks are crafted to align with the ergonomics of the human face. Through a patented adaptive fit design, AirPop provides an effective barrier to support you in your everyday life.

“Masks provide the first line of defence from airborne threats, but they’ve been largely unregulated, under designed, and ineffective for the consumer market. So we at AirPop set out to change that,” said Chris Hosmer, Founder of AirPop.

“Because we all have a vital role to play in reducing the spread of COVID-19 through our communities, choosing an appropriate mask means it has to both fit and filter well to reduce transmission from airborne particles and droplets. With AirPop there’s finally an option that protects the rest of us, doesn’t divert critical N95s from healthcare professionals, yet meets the same high quality standards and two-way filtration as the best medical and industrial respirators.”


Introducing the AirPop Mask Portfolio
AirPop masks come in two options — multi-use disposable masks (Pocket, Lightweight & Kids models, available today) or reusable/washable masks with disposable filters (Original & Active models, coming soon).

Available Today: AirPop multi-use disposable masks provide 99.3% particle filtration and 99.9% bacterial filtration, plus fluid resistance, to deliver a robust two-way defence for up to 40 hours.

AirPop Light SE: The patented design of the Light SE creates a “lighter than air” feel with a 3D domed structure that enables effortless breathability. Ergonomic wings, adjustable ear loops and a cushioned nose seal provide superior comfort and fit

AirPop Pocket and Pocket Case: The Pocket is a light mask that comes with a compatible carrying case, great for using on the go. The Pocket’s Ergo-Foam seal conforms to the nose bridge and its top vent allows for moisture to evaporate between wears. Its convertible structure provides compression strength during wear while still being flexible enough to fold down to 25 percent of its original size — perfect for tucking away into its case and fitting in a back pocket, backpack or handbag.

AirPop Kids: We used the same patented design principles that make the AirPop Light SE superior to create a one-of-a-kind children’s mask. The AirPop Kids mask is light and breathable, giving kids the defence they need against airborne threats while providing comfort and ease for all-day wear.

You can find all AirPop multi-use disposable masks at, selected leading retailers or the AirPop website.

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