One for all: Reviewing the Logitech K780

Meet the Logitech K780, a compact keyboard that’s designed for today’s multi-tasking era. Compatible with up to three devices, you can switch typing between your phone, tablet, and computer in one easy flow. Durable and compact, it’s also a space-saver that can withstand hours and hours of comfortable use. There’s never been a better time to multitask than with this handy device and we’re going to tell you why!

With the K780 you can connect up to three devices and switch between them. Logitech’s “Easy-Switch” lets you type on your laptop or computer, and then keep typing on your phone or tablet—all with the touch of a button. What’s handy is that you can unlock more customisations with Logitech Options Software that lets you customize keys, create hotkey shortcuts or check the battery level. Compatible with Windows, Mac android and Apple iOS, this Logitech wireless keyboard recognises the device it’s connected to so all the keys and keyboard shortcuts are exactly where you expect them to be. Can be used with wired, wireless, Bluetooth or gaming mice.

More than anything we can appreciate the silence that modern day keyboards bring into their design. The Logitech PerfectStroke key system provides precision and quiet typing, solidly designed with thin, laptop-like, carefully crafted concave keys, it almost feels like there’s a combination of old and modern going on at the same time. All the keys you need in a compact form factor that is ideal for smaller frames or tight workspaces. With a built-in numpad you can perform all your data entry with less reaching, and more room for your mouse. The integrated rubber cradle holds a variety of devices at a comfortable viewing angle, from smart phones to a 12” iPad.

Overall: This keyboard really brings the fun into multitasking and making the workspace a lot more ergonomic. It seems like there’s less distraction when you don’t have to physically lift up your tablet or phone when working at your computer and using Logitech’s “Easy-Switch” functionality helps along the way! The keyboard is on the heavier side, so we wouldn’t call it the most portable, but for it’s functionality it’s definitely worth the carry round!

In fact this may be one of the best reviews we’ve had the privilege of writing, right here on the K780!

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