Munch - Hein Scholtz #TrendyGoodFood

GoTrend Interviews: Author of cookbook, “Munch” – Hein Scholtz!

Munch - Hein Scholtz #TrendyGoodFood
Munch – Hein Scholtz #TrendyGoodFood

The increasing trend in food is for once one we can call positive! When young students or first timers decide it’s time to take the plunge and make a meal, the task can be a little, daunting! Hein Scholtz, author of cook book “Munch” opens up to GoTrend about his experiences with food and how he’s teaching South Africans that cooking can be fun!

1)   Hein, give us a quick rundown of yourself!

Sjoe. Honestly, I thinkly the best words to describe me would be industrious, creative, bright eyed and bushy tailed. I love nature and science, food and history. People intrigue me and I constantly endeavour to try new things. I love writing and I want to farm. Too much? 

2)   “Munch” promises quick, easy and inexpensive recipes for students and first time cooks. Tell us how the inspiration came about for such a unique styled cookbook?

I was sitting in a lecture on how social media was changing the face of the news, when I was daydreaming about having my very own cookbook. You see, I’d been collecting and testing recipes for the better part of 3 years while studying at Stellenbosch. Then I got the idea for the unique student/ young person angle, together with the social media incorporation – and I sat on the idea until I started working in the film industry in Cape Town.

3)   You’ve involved a lot of social media connectivity in the book, do you get a lot of people interacting with you?

Initially, I got a lot of twitter followers, but the interaction happened mostly after a few months – once people had really started cooking from the book. My heart swells each time someone tweets me a photo of their version of the recipe – or even asks me a question. I try to respond as swift as possible. 

4)   Okay, so out of the epic seventy-six recipes in Munch, you’ve got to have a favourite. Which one?

Definitely the strawberry jam and pepper corn T Bone. Yum.

5)   Although you emphasize healthy cooking, what’s your favourite kind of “pig out” food?

I think I naturally emphasise ‘healthy’ food because I studied nutrition, but I think any good food in moderation is amazing. My favourite pig out food must be a toss up between pizza (i can’t stop myself) and spare ribs (licking your fingers has never been more fun!)

Hein Scholtz
Hein Scholtz

6)   So aside from being an author, you’re also the producer for Doctors Orders on SABC 3, what’s that like?

It’s challenging and fast paced. But it keeps me on my toes and I like to keep abreast of new trends in health and nutrition in South Africa. I’ve learned a lot – going from researcher to producer is a leap that takes a lot of little steps!

7)   Hein, you’re definitely involved in a lot! How do you handle it all?

I think it is just innately me. I feel life is so precious and so valuable, that whatever I am doing should be a step closer towards a goal, towards something I can be proud of. I also guess i don’t want to sit back one day and say ‘crap, how did I miss that?’

8)   What other hobbies do you do in your free time?

I love landscaping – working in the garden is such a therapeutic experience, it’s my psych session. I love swimming and I often play tennis. I read, and I try to experience as much around me as I can. I hang with friends, A LOT.

9)   Can you give us the scoop on what you’re going to be doing next?

I’m almost done with my second cookbook, and I’m working on a few ventures that is taking some proper planning and time – which will hopefully pay off!

10)  To end off, we always ask – What’s your unique “saying” that you live by?

besides ‘oooe ê ê’? !

I guess I always say that you don’t know what someone’s been through until you’ve walked in their shoes. I hate prejudice and generalisations, especially when it hurts people who aren’t always that adept at defending themselves. 


Munch is available at all good bookstores, and is a valuable addition to any cookbook collection (or possibly the very first book that starts it!)

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