Clearwater Opens: Coco Fresh Tea & Juice!

Chanelle Van Der Linde.

Everyone who knows me knows that I have a slight obsession with Asia. It’s a brilliant continent, ok! So one of the most famous drinks coming out of Asia, Taiwan as the original country, is Bubble Tea. Bubble tea is taking the world by storm, and I’ve been sitting, staring at the clock waiting for the beautiful moment bubble tea arrives in South Africa (Or…Johannesburg).

Well, people. The time is here. And I urge ALL OF YOU to go try some RIGHT NOW!

I’m a bit excited right now so please bare with me.

Bubble tea is usually your normal tea (sweet and milky, yes!) with tapioca “bubbles” or “Pearls” inside. You drink it with a large straw so you can get some of that sweet, delicious tea and the ultra-chewy, ultra yummy pearls with it. I can’t explain how delicious it is.

Ok so I was walking at Clearwater Mall and I saw a sign. I could not believe my eyes. It said: “Coco fresh tea and juice” and the sign also said it has bubble tea. Naturally, I ran straight there, (Same floor as the movies, next to Marcel’s Frozen Yoghurt) and I ordered immediately. Taking a sip from the bubble tea was beautiful. I can’t explain the burst of fruity taste and the delicious bubbles. I ordered a “Bubble Gaga”, a passion fruit juice with pearls and coconut jelly and a normal milk tea pearl. Both of them were DELICIOUS!! And they seal the container so that you can take it home. My boyfriend got a Chocolate one with pearls as well. Tasted like milo and it was delicious as well.

Screen Shot 2013-11-18 at 10.44.46
Fresh Lemonade and a Chocolate Milk Tea from Coco Fresh Tea & Juice Clearwater!

This is a new business in South Africa and everyone should definitely try it! It has become a big trend and we should all join as South Africans. The shop is brand new and only open in Clearwater Mall in Roodepoort (From what their site lists). The prices vary, my Bubble Gaga was R26, but I promise you that it is totally worth it. I am definitely going back again! (Warning: The site is in Chinese)

If Chinese scares you, Try their Facebook page!: Coco Fresh Tea & Juice South Africa

Where they are: Shop UM015e, Clearwater Mall, cnr Hendrik Potgieter and Christian de Wet Streets, Strubens Valley, Roodepoort

We scanned in their menu so that you know exactly what to get when you arrive, image courtesy of Coco Fresh Tea & Juice South Africa. (prices subject to change)

2013-11-18 10.48.12 (1)

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