Ten at 10, Interviewed: Adrian Colyn WBFF PRO!

Today GoTrendSA gets the scoop on popular fitness fanatic, personal trainer, sponsored image-4athlete, WBFF (World Beauty Fitness & Fashion Inc) Pro competitor and fitness model Adrian Colyn!

GoTrend: Hey Adrian, thanks for joining GoTrendSA for an interview! Tell us a little more about yourself?

Adrian Colyn: Fitness is my life. I’m a WBFF PRO and personal trainer who is highly motivated and driven in assisting my clients achieve their personal goals and helping them lead healthy, quality, lives. I’m currently sponsored by Cipla Nutrition, Ripped Raw Gear and am co-founder of Team Madscientist which is an incredible team of up & coming athletes who are dominating the local and international fitness and bodybuilding circuits.

GoTrend: So, you’re a personal trainer, sponsored athlete, WBFF (World Beauty Fitness & Fashion Inc)Pro competitor and fitness model. How did this all start out?

AC: I’ve been training for over 17 years now and over the past 10 years I kept on getting approached by people asking me if I was competing and why I hadn’t started. Eventfully after a unfortunate health issue I decided life was just too short and I had to use my gift and do the best I can with it. It’s turned out quite well I’d say!

GoTrend: We see you’ve got some awesome sponsors, who are backing you, tell us some more about them!

image-1AC: Cipla is a pharmaceutical company who decided to branch out into the ever growing fitness and lifestyle industry, Cipla Nutrition was created around 4 years ago. Their products are pharmaceutical grade and the best quality. Ripped Raw Gear is a young hip gym and lifestyle clothing company based in Cape Town. Great quality clothing for a reasonable price.

GoTrend: What advice would you give to someone who would want to get into the body building or fitness lifestyle?

AC: Don’t hesitate and just jump in with both feet! This sport requires a lot of heart and soul and is not for the faint hearted but it becomes second nature and you learn to push your body and mind to limits you’ve never thought imaginable. It’s extremely rewarding. If you are not sure where to start, give me a shout and I’ll guide you in the right direction.

GoTrend: For as long as Team GoTrend can remember we’ve been following you on the interwebs and through social media. Do you find social media important to you and more importantly for the kind of field that you’re in?

AC: I think social media is extremely important. It allows guys and girls to follow us as we provide a glimpse into our lives through motivational posts and photos. Not only does it provide a motivational factor, people can also follow to see that we are only human and live everyday lives and even the best of us struggle at times. We find ways of pushing ourselves through those barriers, jump over hurdles and break through plateaus all depicted on photos, posts and statuses.

GoTrend: Do you ever struggle with motivation for going to the gym and doing the training that keeps you at optimal condition for contests and events?image-3

AC: Everyone has a bad day of training every now and then, that’s completely normal. Whenever I feel the lack of motivation with regards to training, I think about all the people who look up to me, all the people who follow my fitness journey and I get my ass up and kill it for them.

GoTrend: When you’re not busy, what do you do to chill out?

AC: I enjoy spending quality time with my loved ones and friends. As I am usually quite busy and the days are a little on the long side, I enjoy kicking back and relaxing. Resting is crucial for training so ones body can repair and become stronger.

GoTrend: When the GoTrendSA Team sat down and compiled these questions we all had to know what your favourite cheat meal was, Hah!

AC: I don’t often cheat but when I do nothing beats a good pizza, hamburger and definitely Nutella!

GoTrend: Any scoop as to what the future holds for you Adrian?

AC: I’m currently working on improving my physique for WBFF Worlds in Las Vegas next year so watch this space….

GoTrend: Our cliché-question: Your essential mantra is?

AC: “Anyone can achieve the impossible!”

If you want to catch with Adrian and stay in the loop with all his fitness adventures you can follow him on these links:

Instagram: @addiefit
Twitter: @addiewbffpro
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