Michael Dlamini - Eleclass Fashion.

Fashion forward: Eleclass!

Michael Dlamini - Eleclass Fashion.
Michael Dlamini – Eleclass Fashion.

Here at GoTrend you know we’re all about fashion-forward living, so it’s natural that when we discovered Eleclass not so long ago we just had to share! Local designer and founder of the brand Michael Dlamini, brings to life some of the most unique Street Style looks and creations in South Africa.

Michael, who currently designs and creates a lot of the collections and pieces, has taken the necessary steps to build a brand that reflects his vision. He calls himself a “slave” to fashion and it’s always evolutionary jumps that it takes, so it’s not hard to see that Michael has more importantly become a trend analyser than just a designer! We love his statement pieces and floral print bomber jackets. But, if you think it stops there, it’s basically just the beginning! Michael also hand creates specific and unique pieces under the Eleclass name, custom to your requirements!

Brett (Brr) Rogers - International Model
Brett (Brr) Rogers – International Model

With a serious grip on the industry, Michael already has Models and Socialites wearing the Eleclass brand. International Model Brett Rogers, commented on the brand being his favourite new addition in 2014. While Brett and the likes of fashionistas and models such as Sebastiaan Schutte have been wearing his designs at some of the hottest events on the 2014 social calendar.

Telling you now that we’re obsessed, is an absolute understatement and if you’re as mad about the elegant Eleclass collections as we are, then you can catch up with them on Facebook HERE or go to the official Eleclass Instagram account HERE.


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